Thursday, March 28, 2013


so my voice recorder got a virus, and i have to get it formatted for it to work again. which means, sadly, that ill have to get rid of the clip i made, but now it will work next week, so i am sorry! i will actually send two next week, one from this that i do today, and one from next week. 

i always wanted to go to phipps! thats cool that you guys got to go.

mom, i know what you mean about teaching and helping them to feel the spirit. thats something thats talked about often here, is eliminating distractions and making an environment where the spirit can testify and everything. it is indeeed difficult! i already figured the plan b in being an institute teacher is a must, so dont worry, i most certainly will! haha. also, it looks like ill have to get married quicker than i thought. we will see how it goes, but talking about getting interviewed and all the stuff it requires just makes me more excited slash determined to do it well. so yes! ps, i did the scholarship questionairre

dad, i have that talk by elder maxwel! i printed it out about a month ago, and have read it twice. i made a wallet out of pass along cards, and inside i have all the attributes we need to develop named in that talk, the ones we should be like, and their respective "not ___, not __". i read it multiple times daily, and measure how i am doing. that talk is truly the best dad! i agree. also, i am currently reading the lectures on faith., and a bunch of other talks that a professor put into a cirriculum with the talks. with every lecture there are scripture passages as well as other talks to read, and it is really helping out my general understanding of everything. but i will also go back into other talks! the olive press by truman g madsen, thats one of my favorites. march madness! i completely forgot about it to be honest. i will fill out a bracket with desmond next year. for each machup, i will put out both my hands, each representing one team. the hand desmond touches is the winner. i put it in the bracket, and do likewise for the entire bracket. he will win! 

its funny that as i write, my companion is freaking out to himself about his computer being slow. but things are indeed going well with us, we are helping eachother out alot, and we are finding alot of success. we have had some really good experiences this week, and i will tell you about them in full detail this next week when i send the email full of sound bites.

so just to say it quickly today, we have started a group in presidente epit√°cio, which is a really nice small town on the border of a big river that ends our mission boundaries. you should look it up on google maps! we had to travel 3 hours by bus to get there. the thing about the buses here is that they stop in all the little cities, so it takes way longer than it would by car

but just to let you know, im going to have to take out a little bit of money today, because i am waiting to get reimburced on all the bus travel we have to do, and that takes like 2 weeks to go through! im sorry.. it wont be too much either. 

i love you guys, and im grateful for all that we have as a family. i loved the pictues of desmond! i cant wait to see him. i hope you guys have an excelent week, i will send you two voice recordings next week to make up for the hiccup that happened today

have a great week! remember easter, and the lord and all that he did for us in those garden walls

Elder hoskin

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