Monday, March 11, 2013

Good Morning Mom and Dad.  It is March 11, 2013
Its like 6:35 in the morning.   And, today is the day of transfers.  Yeah, this week has been a pretty crazy week.  We went out on divisions again, and we’ve been working a lot.  Its been raining a lot, which is a good thing.  Things have been able to go pretty well in our zone.   Everyone seems pretty excited to work and everything.

 I sent you guys a letter from mission ties.  It has a little more detail on how the trip will be.  As it gets closer, I will give you more detailed information.  But, yeah.  (Big yawn)  Any more questions you have about that, please tell me. 

Today is transfer day, so at 11:00 is the time we will get our transfer information.  I think I might get transferred, but I am not sure.  But, we have a lot of people here who are really progressing!  So, even though I will probably get transferred, I would like to stay, because we have so many people here who are doing so well. 

Yesterday was a pretty big adventure.  (Laughs) Yesterday was a pretty crazy day, in regards to helping someone be baptized yesterday.  There was a douple, a companionship,  in a place called America that hadn’t baptized in a couple of weeks.  So, they told us they had someone who was going to go to church again, for multiple times.  And, that she was living all the commandments, but that she was not ready for baptism; just because she was scared, you know?  So what happened is, I slept at their house,  we did a division Saturday night, I like slept at their house.  Then I woke up and went to church with one of them.  She was there at church, so I was like, hey, can I talk to you for a minute? And, I did the whole, like, baptizimal interview thing.   And, that ended up lasting like an hour.  Maybe an hour and a little bit.  By the end of the interview she was like, ‘okay, I am going to go home today, and I am going to pray about it, and if I get a response, then I’ll get baptized today.’  I was like, okay!   We will pass by and see how your prayer was.  We had lunch afterwards, then we had to get a bus just to go to her house cause she lives really far away.  And, so we show up there around 4:00, or 4:30.  And she was like, ‘I said a prayer, and I felt good!  But, I don’t really know if that means I should do it today or not. “ She was kindof sortof being soft about it, like a lot of people are.  So we sat there, and we talked with her about what her response is, and what her response means, I used scriptures and stuff, so we were there for like another hour and a half at her house.   And, by the time we left, which was around 6:00, she was like, “okay, I will get baptized today.” So we took a bus, and ran to the chapel.  Then we had to fill up the font.  But, the only thing is, it takes a while to fill up, right?  And, it was already 7:00 when we got there.  And, the baptism was set for 8:00.   So, we had to get buckets and everything… We turned on the baptismal font, but at the same time we would fill up buckets, and like, keep throwing in the buckets, you know.  Just so we could fill up the baptismal font faster.  And then, around 7:50, it started raining ridiculously hard.  Like, crazy, ridiculously hard.  She called, and was like, “yeah, I just missed the bus, so we will catch the next one and be there around 8:30.  She said, ‘no, but its like raining, and maybe that’s a sign that I shouldn’t!  blah blah blah  So, we had to find a member, frantically, and he had to give us a ride through pouring, pouring rain, just to get to the bus stop where she was.  And, we got them, her and her sister I think it was.   We got them, finally around 8:10.  And, we went to the chapel.  And, it was still raining really hard, but it got a little bit better.  Then, we got the chapel, and it just happened, she got baptized.  Then, the baptismal service ended at 9:10, then we had to run to our house.  Cause we were in another chapel, which Is not our chapel, which is 20 minutes away from our house.  So, it was a pretty crazy day.  But it ended up being really good.  She was excited and really happy about the whole baptism thing.  I was one of those days that was like,…..  it was just crazy.  But, it was really worth it.  So, I’ll let you know if I get transferred or not, .  That’s kindof how my entire week has been, just running around like that. 

I’m getting really excited till you guys come out and stuff.  I only have four transfer now.  So, I have to make the best use of my time, but I’m getting really excited, and having a lot of success in the mission.  So, I have been able to really help people a lot.   And, that’s a good thing. 

And, I love you guys, and I hope you have a great week.  I will let you know more about transfers and everything. 

If Dad could find my priesthood line of authority, I think that would be pretty cool.  I have seen other missionaries with like, who gave this person the priesthood, who gave that person the priesthood, it goes back to Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ, right?  I have never seen that before, so maybe if dad could try to find that. 

Oh, and also mom, could you please send me your bread recipe?  I have kindof had the desire to make bread recently,  So just send me that recipe, and I will be able to make bread a lot.  I will be able to make food a lot cheaper. 

Okay! Bye!

hello everyone!

well i was really excited to hear about how alayna is basically having a baby as i write! you dont have to call my mission president if you dont want, thats fine, but i will want to hear all about it slash see some pictures of him next week! 

i am getting transfered! i will be continuing as a zone leader in a different city, called presidente prudente. its the hottest, and hardest city in the mission. but that, of course, wont get me at all unexcited. i am going to try to make that place the best! haha. i will tell you more about how that goes next week. you guys can look it up on google maps, see it in relation to the other cities in the mission, and where ive passed. actually, you can go on and go to maps, and make on of the layers "missions" and you can go and see my mission boundaries and all. just go for it! 

my companion is elder Mendes, a brazilian, he is really good. so im really excited for that, its been a while since ive had a brazilian companion, so im glad to have that oppertunity!

i dont have that much time to talk this week, because of transfers, but im way excited for the baby and all! also for this next part of the adventure, that is the mission. i have now only 4 more transfers, or 6 months. its only going to get better and better! woo.

i love you guys!

Elder Hoskin

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