Monday, November 26, 2012

hello family!

Mom, i got the package! thank you SO MUCh. i am sending pictures of how my thanksgiving went, i made a thankgsiving feast on friday, because we didnt have a lunch appointment, like we did on the actual day. but it turned out really well! also i love the PMG, it is very handy, and now when i travel to londrina, or district meeting, ect, i dont have to lug around the big one. ALSO that camera you sent me is awesome, just thank you very much for everything! i like alot that talk by elder uchtdorf, his talks are always excellent, and seem to be just what i need to hear. about you coming to brazil, i understand if you feel like it would be difficult here, that was one of my biggest concerns was how you would be able to eat, because the food here is probably very heavy and such, so if you decided not to go i will be ok with it, as long as i can give you a big hug in the airport. also, i dont know how your thinking about it, but if you would want to send joseph in our place, that would be cool. but just figure out what is best for you guys!

dad, its depressing to hear that notre dame is number one in the country. i dont even know what to say. it sounds like the trip up there was quite the long haul, next time theyll need to come down to pittsburgh! haha. the internet capibilities will be fine i think for skype, i heard that it depends where you do it. if i stay here in maring√°, it will be totally fine because the member that ive already planned with has internet in his house because he works from home, so its reliable and stable, i think. i remember that talk by elder christofferson, his talks are indeed wakerupers. i really miss the temple. we have to go together when i get back, because after going through in the MTC, ive been deprived now. 

soo to start off, yes i got glasses. this will be one thing you see in the photos ive sent this week, and i have to use them all the time. things have gotten alot more clearer than i thought they would be, i knew that i was having headaches and difficulties and all, but it wasnt until i got the glasses that i really noticed how my vision was blurry and all. but now its all good!

this week i went to londrina for the leaders council, and it was one of the marking experiences of my mission. President Tavares gave a training about the doctrine of crist, and how the doctrine changes behavior, and it was all things that i knew before, but just something about how it was discussed this last week really strengthened my testimony, it was one of those rare moments when you feel like you are significantly converted, seeing as how it usually comes line upon line, and you barely notice. but this week i noticed.

we had a man come to church this week who we found last week, his name is olivio, and he his i think the most prepared person i have ever come across on the mission. he loved church, and he is totally progressing and getting to know all the members. i wanted to ask you guys to put him in your prayers this week! (oh-leee-vee-ohh) i would be grateful.

this week i well be reading the following 2 talks: 

the wind beneath your wings - Elder Uchtdorf

our moral test - D. Todd Cristofferson

truth restored - Elder Uchtdorf

onto the plans for picking me up on the mission. i have an update! so i found out this week that normally how picking up a child works is that we use the last week of my mission to show you around. before, i thought it was after, but how it would work is that you would get here one week before my plane flight home, and we woud go around and see all the stuff, and then come back to londrina, have all the ending stuff with president, and then we go back to the states just like if i had left normally. so we gotta get on that! 

i got to give a talk this last week on the theme "christ, our leader and savior". i talked about how he leads us by example, both in word (or commandments, such as baptism) and caracter (who he was as a person). it went well! and was also very very easy.

i love you guys, and have a great week! until next week, and just to reaffirm we need to get on the plans for you to come out here, the quicker the cheaper! until next week!

Elder Hoskin.

Monday, November 19, 2012


mom,  im glad to hear that the grandparents are going well. it us true that one time grandma barrowes wondered if i was anorexic, but i am eating alot here, so im not sure whats going on. haha. that is cool that you took a one day trip down to the deaf branch! it would be way cool to learn sign language, maybe ill ask for some basics when im home. im going to londrina today, so i will get out the package, as well as get a consult about needing glasses more, so we will also se how that goes. 

dad, it sounds like you are working alot! good thing work is one of the principles of the church. gifts of the spirit is always something interesting that i have wanted to look into more, i will let you know how that studying goes next week. i was able to pull off extending my mission, because i am almost in brazil 1 year and 4 months, and my visa still hasnt been extended, which i believe gives me more time, because im waiting for the papers to go through the goverment, something like that. i was sad to hear that oregon lost, but ill be there to see them win next year. 

to start off, let us try to get together skype for the christmas call! i am thinking we should definately do it. i just need an account that i can login to, and an account that you all log into, so that we can communicate, but i cant remember my skype account. so if you guys want to give me the password to abby or jennys or someones, and then you guys have moms, something where theyre already "friends" on skype, it will work out well.

so this past week was basically awesome! me and my companion are working a ton. i worked with Elder Sena, but me and Elder Thomas are in the same group, aka we have the same time remaining on the mission, so were both just living it up. he is from weiser, idaho, and we already found alot of great people. 

one person that sticks out is a man named olivio, we made a bus contact with him, gave him the book of mormon, and eh already read 3 nephi 11 before we taught him for the first time! he is totally accepting of everything, and it seems like his family is going to really become part of the church. great experience

im going to londrina for the leaders council tomorrow! so i will get the package, get to have a great training, and tavel a little bit, which is always nice. all the chaos of people entering and leaving in regards to transfers has also left, so now thankfully its just us and our area to work in.

so three talks im going to read this week:

1. atonement, agency, responsability - Elder Boyd K Packer

2. cast not away therefore your confidence - Elder Holland

3. Meekly Drenched in Destiny - Elder Maxwell

im real excited, and they should all be really good!

im way excited for christmas, its already coming up. i cant wait to call, and see how everyones doing. its going to be my last christmas without snow in my entire life, at least i hope. 

today i read alma 26, and i really loved that chapter. it talks about how he became an instrument in the lords hands to bring thousands of people unto christ. missionary work is going to be part of who i am, and what i do in the church for the rest of my life, any calling i have has to have some influence with missionary work! woo.

i learned this week that when it all comes down to it, the only person who really benifits from commandments is us. god is all powerful, and can do anything he wants. but when we follow his commandments, the only benificiary is us, because we get his blessings. it helps me have a greater vision in why its important to follow commandments.

well, until next week all, send more photos if you guys take them, and i love you guys! 

also, mom, can you send me recipe to make mashed potatoes, and if possible, homemade stuffing? you dont need to if one of those things is found in that package, ahah


Elder Hoskin

ps, one more cool quote "the purer the sacrafice, the quicker the progress" yessh

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello family!

Well im real rushed today in regards to transfers, so its going to be
a little short but still good.

mom, im sorry romney lost. but i know that the lord wont let the US
collapse, because its in the book of mormon! also, im excted for the
package! the other package came, but the secretaries of the mission
called me and said that i have to pay a 205 reais (100 dollars about)
in import tax to liberate my package. so electronics make it pricy.
thats cool that you guys had joes farewell. it sounds like the maloney
family has changed alot since they left pittsburgh, and im very happy
for joe!.

dad, i loved the story that you sent me about tim bird. its those
kinds of stories that make me even more excited for the mission and
such! im sure that experience also helped you to prepare as my dad,
which helped me be here as well. also, im sorry psu lost.

so onto everything else

well first of all, the church department has officially approved, and
i am now 100 percent ending the mission august 27th, as opposed to
july 14th. my mission has been extended. i repeat. it has been
extended! but now that we know this we can get on the plans for you
guys to come out here, the earlier the better,  in both cost and
logistics, so i would get on it as soon as possible! plan to be out
here for 4 or 5 days, however seems better, most expensively buy the
plane tickets first to see what days we will have, and then i can plan
some city to city sorts of logistics, and we can get it all planned!
but i am way excited to be here another month and a half

SO transfers, i am staying here! as was predicted. but something not
predicted. my new companion is Elder Thomas. he is one of my, if not
my, best friends here on the mission that i have made. seriously. and
now that my mission is extended, we are in the same "group" because i
am now leaving with him. so that is way exciting!

i wanted to tell you probably the strangest and grossest story of my
mission as of now. well, i own a copy of jesus the christ in
portuguese, its 800 pages, as you know. it sits on my study desk, with
an equally large dictionary and another sound box on top of it. well i
went to get it one morning this week, and what did i find?

a cocroach had entrered IN MY BOOK, between two of the pages, a fully
grown cocroach. he supported all of the weight of that book, and the
other, and the sound box, and manged to sneak in between two pages of
my book. is that just disgusting, or what? HORRIBLE. how can it enter
into a crevice like that? are you kidding me?

you could see the tiny gap that his body had created, it was gross. i
cant even describe it right, but i cant get over the fact that a
cocroach entered into a freaking heavy book, with weight on top of

thats all i can throw down for this week! i love you guys, and until next week!

Elder Hoskin

Monday, November 5, 2012

hello everyone,

mom! i am going to the optomitrist this week, the mission doctor thinks i need permanent glasses. i am getting old on the mission. we will see. i am going to try to vote. i liked your experience, i was talking with elder sena about this the other day, and we were talking about how our mission president makes quick descisions in the moment in regard to new rules, ect. i explained that i think he gets it from the spirit, and then just does it, and if he had thought about it for a week it could of had an influence. a good lesson indeed! i dont know who my new mission president is, i dont know if i cleared it up but he gets here next july. i will think abou the christmas box :)

dad, i liked the lesson you gave on sexual purity. thats a goodie! also, im glad you liked the mission ties letter. did you guys forward the other to grandma and grandpa? college football is going smooth! and im sure it will be good up there at ben and masacos.

joseph, yes! its a boy! i am excited for a nephew, so thats going to be basically awesome. congrats!

so everything is going well this week, alot of things happened that sadly were out of the missionary work. me and my comanion had to have a couple of interviews with sisters who were (are still) fighting, and that was a ball of joy, and experience haha

also, today starts the last week of the mission of my companion! hahah he got his itinerary for his last 4 days in the mission and all that, and he is feeling it. i am helping him try to stay focused as much as possible, but for some people there just isnt a way to avoid it. so i will very most likely stay here one more transfer, and 100% get a new companion, sadly. he is a great companion, ill never have another as much time as i was companion with him!

so a sister im friends with here, Sister Lopez, introduced to me a sweet idea. she has a voice recorder, one of the sort of ones that dad had when he started work and all. but hers isnt tape, its just a digital track that you record, then the recorder has a little usb place to be able to download it to the computer. and so she records a weekley message for her family, and sends it off on pday, and the communication get a ton better because i can actually tell you guys how its going! as well as write an email still. so thats what i would like for christmas, if you want to find one. it just has to be digital recording, with a usb appendade to download it to the computer. what do you think?! i think its a great idea!

oh so i had to do the voting stuff today, which took up alot of time, so i cant write too much, but i love you guys! and have a great week, i hope that next week we have an LDS president.


Elder hoskin
From October 29th:
hello everyone,

mom, your eating habits are going to be difficult here in brazil! but nothing that we cant handle haha. also, questions are one of the best ways i retain what i learn, so congrats! thats good to hear that dan maloney is going back to church! does he go to our ward? i want to see the costumes, at least next week! so send em off

dad, im sorry this week has been real busy for you! it sounds like you are really getting to know west virginia pretty well, haha. im sorry that penn state lost, but at least it seems like they will still continue to do well, they didnt get crushed. also, go oregon. and also, the mission will be getting a new mission presidente july 1, to answer your question. so when i end my mission (17 july) is right after, or when i get extended (27 august) will be like a month and a little after he gets here. so it will be right at the end. 

so! first thing

i was really happy to hear about joes talk in our ward. im really excited for him to serve a mission. its been quite a journey until weve reached this point, us 2 serving missions, and i am sure now that it is going to be really great. i was happy to hear that he is excited to serve, and i only hope the best for him! but i will be keeping in contact with him via letters, so its all good ahah.

so about my mission getting extended, my president still hasnt heard anything. but we are hopeful that ill recieve a response this week, so i willl let you know about that!

as for the talks i will be printing out and studying this week, are as follows:

1. Brad wilcox - his grace is sufficient

2. Elder Holland - never was anyone like him (i think? trying to translate from portuguese, and titles of things often arent the exact same)

3. President Eyring - gifts of love

i bet theyll be good!

the ones from last week were awesome, i like to think of it as im learning to be a good dsiciple. 

this week i have been administrating alot, getting a house set up in another city to have missionaries enter there, and then other things in other cities. its all been very rushed!

but, everything is going well with me this week. i had to use the plastic on a couple of important things, one of which being medicine. yes, medicine haha.

for the last 3 weeks, i have been getting headaches every single day, that last around 5 hours. so i started taking ibuprofein, and didnt work, so then they had me by more powerful stuff, and it has basically taken care of it, for now. but when your sick, getting rid of the cough doesnt cure the flu, so we will see if i actually get better! but all is well, im doing great

also, seeing as how i am camera-less now, i may start looking around to see if there is a reasonable camera. the good news is that everything here is half the number, because of the real and dollar. the bad news is that it is still more expensive than usual, so things are not actually 50 percent cheaper, but maybe like 30 or 40. i will look around! 

this week we got a new bishop, and he called a new elders quorum president, and a new bishoprich, and a new ward mission leader, so everythings moved around, but everything seems like its going to be an improvement! so that is good

my companion is getting trunkier by the day, he is 2 weeks away from going home. and it is starting to get to me  a little, it was inevitable as his companion. i am missing home more, and also am seeing him leave, and satan just uses it, uses it, uses it. but i will live.

but everything is going well, our area is getting difficult in regards to work, but it still is fine. it has been HOT here the last few days, but i have to learn to appreciate the hot, because normally people complain about heat when its hot, and cold when its cold, and itd be good to learn to enjoy it while i have it, because ill never live in a hot place :) haha.

i love you guys! have a great week, and until next week!

also, i sent off that other letter i said i would send thursdaym so it should get there early this week.