Monday, November 5, 2012

hello everyone,

mom! i am going to the optomitrist this week, the mission doctor thinks i need permanent glasses. i am getting old on the mission. we will see. i am going to try to vote. i liked your experience, i was talking with elder sena about this the other day, and we were talking about how our mission president makes quick descisions in the moment in regard to new rules, ect. i explained that i think he gets it from the spirit, and then just does it, and if he had thought about it for a week it could of had an influence. a good lesson indeed! i dont know who my new mission president is, i dont know if i cleared it up but he gets here next july. i will think abou the christmas box :)

dad, i liked the lesson you gave on sexual purity. thats a goodie! also, im glad you liked the mission ties letter. did you guys forward the other to grandma and grandpa? college football is going smooth! and im sure it will be good up there at ben and masacos.

joseph, yes! its a boy! i am excited for a nephew, so thats going to be basically awesome. congrats!

so everything is going well this week, alot of things happened that sadly were out of the missionary work. me and my comanion had to have a couple of interviews with sisters who were (are still) fighting, and that was a ball of joy, and experience haha

also, today starts the last week of the mission of my companion! hahah he got his itinerary for his last 4 days in the mission and all that, and he is feeling it. i am helping him try to stay focused as much as possible, but for some people there just isnt a way to avoid it. so i will very most likely stay here one more transfer, and 100% get a new companion, sadly. he is a great companion, ill never have another as much time as i was companion with him!

so a sister im friends with here, Sister Lopez, introduced to me a sweet idea. she has a voice recorder, one of the sort of ones that dad had when he started work and all. but hers isnt tape, its just a digital track that you record, then the recorder has a little usb place to be able to download it to the computer. and so she records a weekley message for her family, and sends it off on pday, and the communication get a ton better because i can actually tell you guys how its going! as well as write an email still. so thats what i would like for christmas, if you want to find one. it just has to be digital recording, with a usb appendade to download it to the computer. what do you think?! i think its a great idea!

oh so i had to do the voting stuff today, which took up alot of time, so i cant write too much, but i love you guys! and have a great week, i hope that next week we have an LDS president.


Elder hoskin

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