Monday, November 19, 2012


mom,  im glad to hear that the grandparents are going well. it us true that one time grandma barrowes wondered if i was anorexic, but i am eating alot here, so im not sure whats going on. haha. that is cool that you took a one day trip down to the deaf branch! it would be way cool to learn sign language, maybe ill ask for some basics when im home. im going to londrina today, so i will get out the package, as well as get a consult about needing glasses more, so we will also se how that goes. 

dad, it sounds like you are working alot! good thing work is one of the principles of the church. gifts of the spirit is always something interesting that i have wanted to look into more, i will let you know how that studying goes next week. i was able to pull off extending my mission, because i am almost in brazil 1 year and 4 months, and my visa still hasnt been extended, which i believe gives me more time, because im waiting for the papers to go through the goverment, something like that. i was sad to hear that oregon lost, but ill be there to see them win next year. 

to start off, let us try to get together skype for the christmas call! i am thinking we should definately do it. i just need an account that i can login to, and an account that you all log into, so that we can communicate, but i cant remember my skype account. so if you guys want to give me the password to abby or jennys or someones, and then you guys have moms, something where theyre already "friends" on skype, it will work out well.

so this past week was basically awesome! me and my companion are working a ton. i worked with Elder Sena, but me and Elder Thomas are in the same group, aka we have the same time remaining on the mission, so were both just living it up. he is from weiser, idaho, and we already found alot of great people. 

one person that sticks out is a man named olivio, we made a bus contact with him, gave him the book of mormon, and eh already read 3 nephi 11 before we taught him for the first time! he is totally accepting of everything, and it seems like his family is going to really become part of the church. great experience

im going to londrina for the leaders council tomorrow! so i will get the package, get to have a great training, and tavel a little bit, which is always nice. all the chaos of people entering and leaving in regards to transfers has also left, so now thankfully its just us and our area to work in.

so three talks im going to read this week:

1. atonement, agency, responsability - Elder Boyd K Packer

2. cast not away therefore your confidence - Elder Holland

3. Meekly Drenched in Destiny - Elder Maxwell

im real excited, and they should all be really good!

im way excited for christmas, its already coming up. i cant wait to call, and see how everyones doing. its going to be my last christmas without snow in my entire life, at least i hope. 

today i read alma 26, and i really loved that chapter. it talks about how he became an instrument in the lords hands to bring thousands of people unto christ. missionary work is going to be part of who i am, and what i do in the church for the rest of my life, any calling i have has to have some influence with missionary work! woo.

i learned this week that when it all comes down to it, the only person who really benifits from commandments is us. god is all powerful, and can do anything he wants. but when we follow his commandments, the only benificiary is us, because we get his blessings. it helps me have a greater vision in why its important to follow commandments.

well, until next week all, send more photos if you guys take them, and i love you guys! 

also, mom, can you send me recipe to make mashed potatoes, and if possible, homemade stuffing? you dont need to if one of those things is found in that package, ahah


Elder Hoskin

ps, one more cool quote "the purer the sacrafice, the quicker the progress" yessh

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