Monday, November 5, 2012

From October 29th:
hello everyone,

mom, your eating habits are going to be difficult here in brazil! but nothing that we cant handle haha. also, questions are one of the best ways i retain what i learn, so congrats! thats good to hear that dan maloney is going back to church! does he go to our ward? i want to see the costumes, at least next week! so send em off

dad, im sorry this week has been real busy for you! it sounds like you are really getting to know west virginia pretty well, haha. im sorry that penn state lost, but at least it seems like they will still continue to do well, they didnt get crushed. also, go oregon. and also, the mission will be getting a new mission presidente july 1, to answer your question. so when i end my mission (17 july) is right after, or when i get extended (27 august) will be like a month and a little after he gets here. so it will be right at the end. 

so! first thing

i was really happy to hear about joes talk in our ward. im really excited for him to serve a mission. its been quite a journey until weve reached this point, us 2 serving missions, and i am sure now that it is going to be really great. i was happy to hear that he is excited to serve, and i only hope the best for him! but i will be keeping in contact with him via letters, so its all good ahah.

so about my mission getting extended, my president still hasnt heard anything. but we are hopeful that ill recieve a response this week, so i willl let you know about that!

as for the talks i will be printing out and studying this week, are as follows:

1. Brad wilcox - his grace is sufficient

2. Elder Holland - never was anyone like him (i think? trying to translate from portuguese, and titles of things often arent the exact same)

3. President Eyring - gifts of love

i bet theyll be good!

the ones from last week were awesome, i like to think of it as im learning to be a good dsiciple. 

this week i have been administrating alot, getting a house set up in another city to have missionaries enter there, and then other things in other cities. its all been very rushed!

but, everything is going well with me this week. i had to use the plastic on a couple of important things, one of which being medicine. yes, medicine haha.

for the last 3 weeks, i have been getting headaches every single day, that last around 5 hours. so i started taking ibuprofein, and didnt work, so then they had me by more powerful stuff, and it has basically taken care of it, for now. but when your sick, getting rid of the cough doesnt cure the flu, so we will see if i actually get better! but all is well, im doing great

also, seeing as how i am camera-less now, i may start looking around to see if there is a reasonable camera. the good news is that everything here is half the number, because of the real and dollar. the bad news is that it is still more expensive than usual, so things are not actually 50 percent cheaper, but maybe like 30 or 40. i will look around! 

this week we got a new bishop, and he called a new elders quorum president, and a new bishoprich, and a new ward mission leader, so everythings moved around, but everything seems like its going to be an improvement! so that is good

my companion is getting trunkier by the day, he is 2 weeks away from going home. and it is starting to get to me  a little, it was inevitable as his companion. i am missing home more, and also am seeing him leave, and satan just uses it, uses it, uses it. but i will live.

but everything is going well, our area is getting difficult in regards to work, but it still is fine. it has been HOT here the last few days, but i have to learn to appreciate the hot, because normally people complain about heat when its hot, and cold when its cold, and itd be good to learn to enjoy it while i have it, because ill never live in a hot place :) haha.

i love you guys! have a great week, and until next week!

also, i sent off that other letter i said i would send thursdaym so it should get there early this week.

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