Monday, October 22, 2012

hello family,
mom, thank you for the package :) im not sure if youve bought that deoderant yet, but if you havent you should look for after hours, if you already have that is fine. im excited for the new preach my gospel! they always told me when i donated blood in high school that we are not allowed to not eat beforehand, haha, it is also kind of cool to have that experience.
dad, im glad that youre up for keeping up in reading materials with me! i will keep you updated. it sounds like penn state is going really, really well. also oregon! i will be seeing highlights when i return, or at least hearing how it went. its good that your looking over the activities the young men do, and that theyre worth their time. i remember the times where the activities werent too well planned, and when they were totally worth it, and it made a big difference. i hope i get to see pictures of the house this week! to see it all new. our house seems like a restored car now, everything is new except for the shell, the windows, steps, ect ect haha. also, i have been telling my companion stories of our family (our 3rd transfer together, that never happens so theres lots of time to talk) and he just wanted me to send you a whats up from him, because he tells me that he thinks you would be really cool if he met you haha.
now onto everything else
well the big news for this week comes from the interview that i had with president on friday
i had this subject that was entering into my mind for weeks before the interview, that i should do it, and on friday i decided i wouldnt ask him about it. but when i got into the interview, once again i felt something different that i should ask him if i can extend my mission. so i did. and when i told him that i felt like i needed to do it, and that i felt like mostly it was to help the new mission president, he told me that he felt as well that it was something god wanted. so we talked over a few logistics, the only thing left remaining is just him confirming with the mission department, and he said its 99% sure now, i am going to stay on the mission another transfer! another 6 weeks. i got here 27 of july, my day to leave used to be 14 of july, but now its going to be the 27th of august.
i am way excited! and president is really excited too for me, he just needs to confirm with the mission department because he never extended someones mission before, so he needs to just figure it out, but basically it worked out the lords way. he said normally they only let you stay if the next transfer is within 30 days of when you got into the mtc. does that make sense]? i got in the mtc 27 of july, and so it works out for me because i will leave 27 of august. its going to be a different oppertunity to work more! and for that i am excited
about you guys coming out here to pick me up, basically we can plan now for the 27th of august, a wednesday, for you guys to land here in brazil, but give me one more week to confirm 100%, he is going to get a response tomorrow, and i will relay it to you guys. but as soon as we know for sure, we need to get on it, or else it will get real expensive
so the rest of the interview went really well, i love my mission President.
the 3 talks im going to print out and study this week, just to keep dad in the loop are the following: 
the pathway to discipleship - neal a maxwell
the inexhaustible gospel - neal a maxwell
the atonement of jesus christ - jeffry r holland
the church is true, and i know it,

i love you guys, and until soon!

Elder Hoskin

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