Monday, October 1, 2012

September ends!

hello everybody

week of transfers is always more chaotic here in this time on the internet, but lets talk!

mommy, i have no clue who Suzan Hollist is.. is she new in the ward? i think i will have to wait to vote until i get the letter you sent me in the mail, but it should work out. i will ask President at the leaders council this wednesday if i can open that link and print it out, because you cant do anything except for email and such, without his authorization. but im fairly sure he´ll approve of it. its interesting how you said that you want to get to know christ better, because that is exactly what i thought i wanted to do starting last week! we are on the same page. i am going to ask my President how i can do that beyond how i already know, which is studying the scriptures and repenting. im really learning the value of repentance, to put it lightly.

dad, it sounds like football is going surprisingly well. also, i am going to do something, anything, to have somewhat a thanksgiving here, although im not sure what, because turkey is rare here, to start. im glad that you lesson went well! i am way excited for conference this week, i remember that a year ago i was brand new in the field, watching the october general conference. time flies! 

joseph, i miss you too. i actually was thinking about it this past week, and i decided im going to start writing you every week through mission ties, so you´ll get it in an email. it wont be novels, but just brother sort of stuff haha! i will start today. i am thankful to have you as my brother, thank you very much for the photos. the truth is, the more the merrier in relation to the photos. so if you want to send more of just me and my friends beforehand, or anything just do it! one that i had in mind was do you remember when it was prom (prom when i went with rachel, so the first year) and you and me took that sweet picture together in the elevador? you should send that one! and any other that you would think would add variety to my collection of photos. woo!

so onto everything else, i havent recieved any info about transfers as of now, except for a few people that are leaving in our zone, and already know for obscure reasons. my companion i have right now, elder sena, this transfer that starts today is his last in the mission, and so it is very likely that he just finishes here. which means, that i could go, or i could probably stay here with him, totalling 4.5 together as companions, which happens very rarely, but still hapenns. he is a great missionary, so i would accept.

i just want to update mom that i am in very good health, so no reason to be worried! i do exercises every single day in the morning, and im actually in really good shape with all the walking. my thighs have gotten a little skinner from the lack of crew or straight running, but my torso is a little more muscly if thats a word. we have some homemade weights that are working out. i dont want to get big or anything, just get in a nice shape, which is where im at! and im eating very very healthy, so everything is good in regards to this. 

what else,  and i got a letter which was incredible. no one told me that kristen (joe maloneys girlfriend) got baptized?!! she sent me a letter, saying this, and that shes way strong in the church going to get her patriarchal blessing and all, and joe is sending off his mission papers. i cant tell you how good it was to hear from them, and how happy i am to hear how things are going. i cant even describe it

oh, i have to go now, but i got the info! i will be officially staying here, with elder sena like i said up there. crazy! ok i love you guys! bye!

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