Monday, March 18, 2013

hello everyone!

so i was completely overjoyed to hear that everything went well with alayna and the birth and DESMOND! let the name be known in all of hoskintown. anyways, so i cant wait for more pictures! the internet house i am at stinks, so i cant even save the pictures you sent me this week. joseph, if you havent sent the pictures yet, is there anyway you could do a favor for me? could you send me as well 2 ctr rings, size 11? if you could, that would be awesome! and if you cant, that is also completely fine. those kinds that are like silver and all that. 

so i also got very excited to hear that alayna and joseph and desmond will be in pittburgh when we get back! so ill be able to see him real quick. he looks adorable in the pictures! the photo joseph sent me makes him look like he´s going to be a boxer. 

i just want you to know, that i learned in psyschology that if you talk to toddlers and babys normally, instead of the "cooochy coochy coo", they will develop alot of communication skills more quickly, that eventually will pay off when he is serving a mission, and proclaiming the restored gospel with clarity and power, SO i will talk to him like that, and we will read preach my gospel together, and the pearl of great price. 

dad, the reason why some people come to get their kid in the last week is because of the plane ticket. SO if the church can change my plane ticket to one week after, (in the situation where we would stay the week AFTER my mission) that would be better, and if chelsea says its better, then we follow her! also, that recent news of the last date being the 21st instead of the 28th makes it work out perfectly. so do it like she says then! 

so i am really liking my new area, its always sort of stressful the first week or two getting settled and all, but that is always the way it is. i love the state of são paulo, the only time i was in this state on the mission before was Marília, my favorite area. so i already knew i was going to like the people here, because people from são paulo are just a better fit for me, i dont know why. 

my companion is good, he is brazilian, from the north, he has 0 patience in anything, but thats not me complaining, just me saying that i already have some idea of why heavenly father put me with him, now i need to figure out why he put him with me, and what i have to learn. woo!

i am going to londrina this week for leaders council, so that is always fun! from my new area its babout a 3 hour bus ride.

im sorry that i didnt get a voice recording, i will next week, i love you guys!

CONGRATS AGAIN TO JOSEPH AND ALAYNA (moreso alayna, she giving birth) and DESMOND! i am already planning uncle nephew activites for the next 18 years of childhood development. i will not be able to live far away.. 

until next week! i love you guys!

Elder Hoskin

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