Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hey Mom and Dad!  It’s the fourth of March, 2013, Monday.  I just got done scrubbing all the collars of my white shirts, in the morning.  So, that was pretty nice.  Yeah, this week has been pretty good, pretty crazy, pretty good.  I did a lot of divisions this week again, but it was a good thing.  The month of March has now started, my companion goes home in April.  That will be interesting.  There’s going to be transfers next week.   So, not this Monday, but next Monday is the day we all receive the information, if I am indeed getting transferred or not.  And, I’ll probably be getting transferred.   Because, my companion will be ending his mission.  I will either get transferred, or stay here another 6 months.   Or stay 6 months in another area.   So, I’m pretty sure I’m just going to get transferred…. Please!  But, here is going really well.  I am enjoying the area where I am working.   I have been having a lot of personal progress these last couple of months…. Well, a year and 7 months.  On the mission, in regards to spirituality.  Its really nice.  Its cool because, every month, I grow more spiritually, but, it makes it so that I have the capacity, the next month, to grow even more spiritually  .

 I am getting really excited for Dad to come and pick me up!  That’s going to be awesome!   I am already trying to plan it out a little bit, with the members and stuff.  Its going to be hard, because we’re not allowed to write members inside the mission area that we didn’t baptize.  So, I’m going to have to figure out how to coordinate that.   But, I can just talk to other missionaries who are serving in my old areas to set it up for me. 

I read a talk called, The Olive Press, by Truman G. Madsen, this last week.  That talk was awesome!   I recommend it for Dad or Mom or Joseph or Alayna, anyone!   The Olive Press, by Truman G. Madsen.  You can find it on  or .org, or something like that.  But, its crazy.  He talks about, before he went to Jerusalem, he didn’t really think the setting was important of the atonement.  He thought the atonement was important.  But, when he got there, he learned that everything has a symbolism of what Jesus had intentionally done.  And, I really liked that talk.   So, Dad, you should definitely read it. 

Oh, yeah, there was a missionary who got his hand bit by a dog about two weeks ago.  But, he went to the health-place to get the vaccine for not having rabies or whatever.   And, he didn’t know how to speak good Portuguese, so he left without getting anything.  So the mission president’s wife called us,  and freaked out.  She’s like, “Its been one week since he’s been bit, and he hasn’t got a vaccine yet!”  I was like, Oh no!  Then, she said, “Elder Hoskin, you need to go there with them.  And, you need to make sure he gets a vaccine.”  The way she told it to me, she said I couldn’t leave the hospital until he gets his vaccine.  Ha ha!  So I had to go there with them.  And, like, talk with the people and communicate and everything.  And, it was all right, although we were there until 6:00 in the afternoon.  I guess that was interesting. 

Also, we had an investigator that got baptized this last Sunday that makes ridiculously good ‘natural juice’.  One thing that Dad will realize when he comes out to Brazil, is that here they are all about the Juice.   Whether its natual or artificial juice,  it’s the best juice.  So she made us this really crazy natural grape and pineapple juice: like a mixture.   And, it was really good.  There is a place to buy juice in the bus station in Londrina, and it’s the best juice ever!   I’ll take Dad/Mom there cause its gonna be awesome! 

We have been having some really good investigators recently, that we have been finding.  Theres this young couple….  There is a church called the Christian Congregation of Brazil,  which is the enemy of all churches.  With the Catholic Church everyone is like,   ‘I’m Catholic!’  But the Christian Congregation, they are way intense!   They tell their followers that they shouldn’t even talk to us in the street.  If we say, “Hey! Good Afternoon!” They are supposed to ignor us.  So you can always tell who is from that church because people just straight up ignore you.   Anyways, we have been teaching a family of them that have been really receptive to us, they have really been liking the book of mormon.  So, that’s been a really positive experience.  Because it shows that, who the Lord prepares, the Lord prepares. 

I have been having dreams, like every single night, about baptizing.  I had a dream Thursday night that I was in Marumbee, that city outside of Apucarana that we were opening, and they were like, ‘you are going to baptize right now!’  And, I got really excited to baptize, but I didn’t have a white tie.  Which, you don’t really need, but in my dream I was running around trying to find a white tie to baptize.  It was really cool.  All my dreams have been about baptizing this week.  That’s probably just showing that, that’s my focus now.  Its funny because in the beginning of my mission I would have all these dreams about me and Michelle, just doing normal things, but now its just about baptism.  So, its obviously better. 

I got to go to another place in the middle of nowhere, called VillaHayes.  It’s a little part of the city that about half an hour out.  I went there on a division,  and it literally reminded me of Island Park.  Its like houses in the middle of the woods, hundreds of yards apart from the others, and we were just prosyliting.  It was pretty cool.  We visited some recent converts they had there and everything. 

So, things are going pretty well… pretty excellent.  I can tell I am getting a little more tired every single day, a little more tired.  But, that’s not a problem, that’s natural. 

I was thinking that maybe I want to send a package home with some stuff.  So, let me know if that is something feasible.  Just a little package with some things. 

But, I love you guys, I have to stop with the recording before it gets too big.  I am excited to be an Uncle.  But, I will talk to you later, I love you, Bye!

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