Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello there,
jenny! i cannot feet the bunny. also, it hasnt returned in a few days, i think i cat took it.

general things,

first of all ive been here 7 weeks now, and it hasnt rained once! not even sprinkled. it is ridiculous how dry it is here.

but! transfers went really well, we had a good number of changes in our zone. my trainee, Elder Glover, got transfered to an area in my zone! so that is sweet, i got to catch up with him about marilia, how he´s doing, and all. his description of marilia is that it looks like washington dc, because of all the trees and cleanness and everything. woo! also, my companion elder borges, who was with me in marilia before elder glover, got transfered to the other zone, but still in this city, so i got to talk to him. he gave me that very catholic tie that i send in the pictures. its worth a good zoom in.

also, the other companionship in my house got mixed up, and there is now an argentinian in my house! his name is elder anconetani, and he is sweet. he sings a ton in spanish, and like argentinians he is basically short, really really white with really really black hair. and now everyone debates over soccer at lunches, haha.

its also pretty cool because the older im getting on the mission, the more people that i know, so transfers i already know at least a little most of the people! it makes it a nice experience to see everyone.

one sad thing is that august is coming to a close. today is my anniversary of 1 year and 1 month on the mission (are you kidding me?) and i will never hav another august here in brazil :(. life goes on.

this week we have been finding alot of new investigators with the incomplete families that we are starting to visit in our ward. we have found alot of people who are really interested, and also less actives that want to come back, with their non member families. i think i have a soft spot for inactives, i just see the desire in them, in whatever degree, to come back, because they know its true. i have already just this week built alot of relationships very strong with some less actives who have already started to come back.

good news! my bishop was so happy with the oreos, that we had lunch with them on saturday, and his wife made us something american i have never seen in brazil. chili! she got the recipe off line, and made it for us! and it was SOO good, its been since before my mission that i have had chilly. yumm.

im starting to really hit my groove more than before with missionary work. there are alot of things we can do, or like ways to work doing different things, but im starting to find how i work best, and its just making the work awesome! this week was ridiculous how the days were so effective, it made me and my companion (who only has 3 more months on the mission) wayy excited.

also, mom, can you send me your recipe for apple pie? i am considering making it for my house in the future, but i need your recipe! pie doesnt exist here. so many things dont. ahhaok!

also, i know that you guys sent me some socks, and deodorant and such, but i have one thing to ask of you guys, if you accept it, that i never have before. if its too pricy or not worh it, its fine. but i am somewhat in need of a relief package, per sey, one that just has sweets from the good old us. yes, i admit it, my sweet tooth is dying. just like starbursts, anything really! just think about it, and if you want to or dont want to, i understand.

thats all i got for this week! i hope you like the pictures, i love you guys! until next week

Elder Hoskin

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