Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hello family!

First off, important change. there is going to be an address change for missionties. you should change it to this address/; also, please send packages to the mission address for now as well

Elder Hoskin
Rua Orlandia 138
Parque Das Laranjeiras
Maring√° - PR Brasil


no onto everything else

well this week is going to have another marriage baptism sort of deal! a woman named vani, who has been waiting to get married for almost 2 years, attending church and all. she has a wayy strong testimony, and she is way more excited for baptism than marriage, but still for both. i dont know if you have taken a notice, but i have toned down on the sending baptism pictures or talking alot about baptisms here on the email. ive always been basically completely against people who gloat about baptisms for their proper satisfaction, and i decided im going to talk less about the fact their getting baptized, and more of the spiritual experiences in the process. does that make sense? i hope it does.

anyways, so this past week was also very tiring. the mission is defintely the hardest thing that i have ever done in my entire life.

so i was thinking about how you guys are coming out here, and we need to get down to brass tax about planning out the days and such. basically, i am on top of it. im going to get the date that my mission ends, and i will make a basic plan and then send it to you guys next week, and you can agree or not and what not. basically how it will go is that you will travel here on the monday, and then we will leave on saturday or sunday. and each day will be another city. the choice you guys have to make is travel. because if we go by bus or car, we will spend like 6 hours in the car each day, or if the airplanes are cheap enough it would be like 30 minutes. so just think about those kinds of things, and i will have more specifics next week.

so the address changed, why is that? my bishop is moving! to Rio de Janeiro. he was the best bishop ive had on the mission, and its sad to hear hes going to leave. he leaves in 2 weeks, wayyy quick, so im going to be here for the transition between bishops, which will be an interesting experience from a missionary perspective.

it was elder senas birthday this last week! so  bought him mcdonalds. he turns 26. half of my companions have been 19, the other 3 have been 25, 26, and 25. just an interesting fact.

im off to londrina today, for another leaders council! i i will actually ahve to cut this short as well. but i love you guys! and until next week!

Elder Hoskin

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