Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello family!

first of all, i was curious this week about something that i thought i would ask about. what is the status of the green car, and the laptop i gave to dad? i am just curious. anyways.
this week has been another great week as being a missionary. i love being a missionary. there is a joy i the work that is accompanied by the spirit, and it makes all of the work and dificult things easily worth it.  things are going GREAT!
dad asked about planning where we would go, the logistics basically of you guys coming out here to visit. well i was thinking that it would be like 5 days to a week, if you want longer just let me know. but we would only need like a day and a half in falls, one day in maring√°, one day in each place basically. and as of now i have 4 areas that ive gone to, so we will see! also we need to see how we would travel to each city, bus, plane, ect.
this week we have a leaders council to go to, on wednesday. it will be all the zone leaders, and i am way excited because the trainings here one the mission from President or any other missionary are always awesome. also, i am starting to really like to travel!
i am going to try and use the same tie for the 2nd year of the mission. i am going to do it just because i think it would be neat. it wont get gross or smelly, because its a tie.
we are walking a ton here, as always, and i wanted to ask dad:did you walk alot in your mission, even with a car? im just curious to hear how the mission went with a car, as opposed to walking everywhere.
i had a really really spiritual experience this week. we had an investigator who was catholic, and didnt feel like she needed to pray to know if anything we were saying was true, because she was comfertable in her church, and didnt feel the need to change. at first i didnt know what to do, but the spirit gave us what to say. i asked her if she had ever prayed (and thus recieved a response) if the catholic church was true. i learned here on the mission about how questions are huge in teaching, and it really made her think. then we bore our testimony about how there is a prophet living today, and how if there really is a prophet, she would need to know, and so we invited her to pray there in the moment, and the spirit was soo strong, and now her perspective is completely changed. it was a great experience to see how the spirit was just working with all of us to make a difference.
my companions grandma is at the final stages of life, with lung cancer due to smoking, this week president called us and told us that he needed to skype his family because they were really worried, so he did. i am very thankful for having a family that is so full of health and being protected, it really made me appreciate this. also, i want you guys to know that if anything big happens in our family, i dont want you to hide it from me till i get home, that will just make it worse, call president and let me know!
we had a church activity this tuesday that was one of the best ive had on the mission. all the members were totally into it this week! our ward is awesome, everyone her is feeling hte joy of living the gospel, and because of this the work is going very well here.
thats all i can write for this week, but until next week! my thoughts will be more organized next week, i promise. i love you guys! until next week
Elder Hoskin

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