Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello Hello Hello

now onto everything else.

so this letter is going to be a little shorter, because i have to get all the transfers set up. i still dont know if i am leaving or not, but i will find out soon.

anyways, so like i said to dad i went on splits in other areas 3 days this week! so i had been alot out of the house, well my house. i loved it, being able to see other areas and work with all different missionaries. but, it was also very tiring, and im not sure why it was more than normally working in my area.

anyways, interesting dorky fact, i thought you would like to know that the city of maring√°, my city, is one of the very few in the world that literally sits on the tropic of capicorn. if you go from my area to another chapel called morangueira, you cross the downtown north to south, and cross the topic, because it literally cuts through the city! haha i have no clue why that is significant, but its just a fun fact.

so this week we found a woman named yara (yaada). she had seen the missionaries in the street for about 2 years, she said, and always asked her family why they never were guided by God to go to her house, and friday we were just knocking doors and found her! she is awesome, went to church this last sunday, she has 2 kids that are like 10 and 12, shes about 30ish, and people already thought she was a member! but it has been sweet because its simply and example of just finding people in our own efforts, and seeing from the beginning how the gospel is true, and how it changes people lives.

also, on another note. some people have rats wo infest their house, some people spiders. but as for me and my house, we have begun to find rabbits! yes, rabbits. there is one black one who has been living in the front of our house now for about a week, eating all the leaves. he is sweet, and doesnt even run away when were walking past. but we dont take any care of him, or hold him, because its against the rules to keep an animal. also, some members want to raise him to eat him, so i am not sure what to do about it.

we had an activity saturday similar to that of the labor day or memorial day activities we have in our ward. just because it was in a pavillion at some park, only this time it was brazilian barbeque, and it was sweet! just also to let you know, when i say barbeque, i make no reference to barbeque sauce, they simply never use it here. but it was sweet! since all of the ward was there, we only showed up for the lunch part because the ward planned for us just to eat there, but it made me remember about our activities there in the good old 5th ward.

also, i was in a car getting a ride to that very activity, and what song came on the radio? a song that i never thought would even be played in brazil, but it was. it was the new FUN song, ´we are young´, i had of course never heard it before, being on the mission and all. and i thought it was sweet! and it made me incredibly homesick, for america, michelle, college, all of it. haha. i learned an important lesson. i wasnt breaking a rule, because i had no control, but i learned that slacking on the mission never is happiness, like iniquity. because if you slack off and go on facebook, or listen to normal music, you just get homesick and sad, and everything just gets worse. it goes back to all the commandments. they dont limit you, they set you free. it was just a nice lesson. also, that song is very very good.

well thats just about all that ive got for the email thisweek! if im still here in the computer place working on the newspage, and get where im going, i will send it! ok ilove you guys! i hope youlike the photos, and michelle the quick video!

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