Thursday, August 25, 2011

this week has been good, i continue to improve and like you said dad, i am ready to get out of the MTC! not in the language necessarily, but mentally this is getting repetative. Wade stinnet got here on wednesday, he was the only american that week, visa problems have started to come back again alot so every week about 17 american missionaries are leaving the MTC, and only one or 2 have been arriving weekley since my group of 6 got here
I developed a cold this past week, this place is like a cruise ship where everyone is stuck in here together, and just pass around everything. 4 of the 6 in my district are sick, as well as our instructor. But i lost my voice on monday, and am just starting to really get it back today.
The sao paulo temple is closed for cleaning for the next couple of weeks, so we got to take a road trip today to the campinas brazil temple. its out of the city and about an hour and a half away, so it was nice to take that drive. The highways and trees actually seem alot like pennsylvania, just very wooded with almost similar forests. I saw an applebees! and a pizza hut. i guess i underestimated cultural imperialism.

hings have been going well with my district, we are improving i think. I teach my district during district meeting every sunday for about an hour, and our branch president sat in on it. I was somewhat nervous about the whole thing, but he said it was one of the best overall district meetings he´s ever been to, so it raised my spirits!
I got to shake a 70´s hand last night, he was portuguese so i dont remember his name really or how to spell it, but i talked to him and he told me that his son served in pittsburgh, and that pittsburgh was a beautiful city, so that was good
there were a bumch of argentinians that got here 2 or so weeks ago, and theyve been having conflicts with the brazilians here. One argentinian and one brazilian got into a huge argument over soccer, and it ended up with the brazilian taking the argentinians name tag, spitting on it, then throwing it on the ground, hahaha. im not sure what happened to them , but i cant imagine it was good.

im pulling what i think is a spencer w kimball. I take a notepad that fits into my shirt pocket and a pen everywhere i go, and all of the thoughts i get into my head that are worth sharing in letters i immediately write down, its making my letters much better in my opinion!
Ive been having really crazy dreams lately, some of them i can remember because i keep that forementioned notepad by my bed when i sleep.
this saturday is the one month mark! i can do 23 more of these, with it going exactly how it is right now, with support and everything, i can do 23 of these. Also, i hear everything gets better in the mission field, more time to write, to email, and i´ll actually be doing the lords work too, which makes it very productive
I´ve been missing america alot this week, the landscapes and the people and the roads and just general not smog of everything, im serious when i say im going to get off the plane and kiss the ground.. but thats still plenty of time away!

I have to go now, but know that i am doing well and i am glad that you guys are all doing well, i pray for my family and michelle in every single prayer, i promise, and i think that it helps. I love you all so much, and i send you all a letter every week consistently, so however long the mail takes know theres always one being sent.

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