Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I had a great experience at the temple today, i was able to bring in my wallet patriarchal blessing and read it in the celestial room, it was a great experience.
in my patriarchal blessing i rtead today how i have the gift of teaching and speaking. I think that is being fulfilled. today marks three weeks that i have been here in the MTC, and i have taught the last 3 lessons completely in portuguese. I wouldnt call myself fluent, but many of the phrases or parts of portuguese i can say without really thinking, so i am on the way there! i am totally ahead of the curve, and i really think its a great blessing. my teacher told me no one else he´s taught before has been able to give lessons in all portuguese this early.

so this week has been overall a very sucessfull week. Im really applying myself to be an organized missonary, like in a great lesson my instyructor gave. I plan my day, i am at meetings exactly when i am supposed to be, i even scrub the collars on my white shirts and iron all my clothes, like a boss! applying myself to be organized really allows me to focus on learning during class, michelle when i write journals slash letters, and i dont have to worry about anything else like that.
ive really built a solid friendship with one elder richardson, who is not my companion but is in my district. Me and him are pretty similar, and have a large desire to just do whats best, so it has all been good. i talked to president clark yesterday, just casually, and he told me that he is very impressed when he sees me in devotionals and at our branch (he showed up one sunday) because im alwasy happy, and very attentive. I just want you guys to know your missionary is kicking butt!
i heard recently that the south brazil missions are difficult in regards to baptisms, and the north is really easy. I think all of brazil in general is easier to baptize than other countries, usually, but ive decided that for me, its not about baptisms, its about conversions. And so i like that me going south makes it harder, because i dont want to just baptize people lightly.

All of my district has decided that i am really patriotic. I am surprised theyve been able to point it out, since im often humming the national anthem, and have hung up the american flag i brought over my bed where i sleep, and whenever the food is remotely american i say how much i love the meal today. I miss america! i havent broken out the peanut butter yet, im waiting for when i desperately need it, and then i will combine with the oreos that michelle graciously gave me.

-elder zachary paul hoskin

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