Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Aug. 1 - Aug 8 in MTC

Please continue to send your letters! both michelle and family. Nothing feels better right now than a nice letter, emails are also great but anything possible would be nice.
things have been alright here, My district is doing very well, i was able to have personal interviews with them and all as part of the leadership thing, and we are all well motivated, and arent punks. so we are working hard and learning alot. We´ve seen another district that is full of people who arent motivated, and by just being around them i am very thankful for the people in my district. I am working very hard. I am in the same classroom, minus 45 minutes for lunch and 45 minutes for dinner, from 7:30 am in the morning until 9:30 at night. We ahd one schedule, but they gave the entire MTC a new one after a week of being here, so its more intense.

i have developed a good companionship with my companion, elder chamberlain from philadelphia, and also especially elder richardson, who is in my district and is just a great missionary.

the food here has been alright, its getting somewhat repetitive but i still enjoy it. the internet has been strange here all day so its been a hassle/worry about email, but im able to do it now. Ive been practicing teaching lessons to fake investigators, with a mix of portuguese and english, so that is going well.

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