Monday, May 13, 2013

hey family!
so im really trying to send you guys sound clips, but its just not working today, but this week is the best time for it to not work since we already had the mothers day call! woo that was soo good
i was really happy to see desmond, in his mortal tabernacle. lil russle crow..
dad, im printing out that talk as soon as i leave here! about allan, you should use the principles of seek learning by faith to help him gain a testimony. there comes a point in every members life where if he doesnt have a testimony, he will consider leaving. so he just doesnt have a spiritual confirmation yet! if he did he wouldnt ahve dont that. people will try to throw facts or scriptures at pople who fall away, but all you have to do is give him a growing oppertunity. invite him to read and pray about the book of mormon, and use chapter 11 in prach my gospel to do an invite that will make him want to do it. it will work out well!
mom, i have some portuguese words for you to learn. ill do it relatively often so that you can learn some words. theyre useful!
tudo bem? - hows it going?
tudo bem (not said as a question) - its going well
obrigado - thanks
muito bom - very good (when you want to say something thats good)
i love you guys! have a great week, sorry the clip didnt work out, it will next time!
elder hoskin

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