Tuesday, May 7, 2013

(No new pictures this week.)

Good Morning, Family, this is Elder Hoskin.  It is the sixth of May, Monday, like 6:30 in the morning, and it is kind of cold.  Woooot!  Seems like Brazilian winter has finally come, which means, 60’s.  Which, I am really glad about. 

This week has been an interesting week.  To start off, I am going back to Maringa today.  That is the city I was at before Apucarana, the one where I stayed 6 months.  One of the elders that is living with us, the one that doesn’t have Dinghy, he had a medical appointment in that city whenever he was passing by there because he has one leg that’s just a little bit shorter than the other one.  So, they made in-soles for him, so he would be balanced out.  But, the guy made him two left feet.  So, President was like, ‘ you have to go back there, and let him get it changed.’  So,  he has to go back there today, so I’m gonna go with him.  So, I am going to travel today, for the majority of the day, and travel tomorrow as well. 

This last week, on Monday, we went to Londrina for the leader’s council.  And that was really good.  There are sister leaders now in all the missions in the world.  Its kindof like they made a Relief Society in side the mission because…the district leader and the zone leader are still supposed to be leading the sisters, but within the sisters, there are one or two designated to do divisions and stuff.  So, that’s pretty interesting I guess.  So, there are six sisters in our mission that are called to go to all the leaders counils now.  Pretty interesting.   That was on Tuesday, we came back on
Wednesday.  And, on Wednesday I went to Toupao.  That’s that city that is part of our zone, which is about two hours away.  Because after we to to each leaders council, we have to give our training thing.   So, I went there to give it, and I went with another Elder in division.  So, I stayed there, I gave a training, then we came home. 

And, like I told you last Sunday, there is an elder that has Dinghy, which is kindof like a sickness or whatever that they have to stay home for.  So everyday  this week, someone had to stay home with him.  So, its been divisions all week with us rotating the order.  I stayed home on Saturday, and that last Sunday that I told you guys.  I studied the entire day, and, its really not that fun.  Cause you lose the blessings of being able to go out and serve.  For example, the day that it was my day to stay inside, my companion, and the companion of the elder who has dinghy, they went to go contact the reference of a member who we hadn’t planned to contact.  It ended up being a really, really good spiritual experience.  So, it just stinks to stay inside because you lose the blessings. 

Mother’s Day call, is this next week.  I have everything all set up.  I will see if you have any preference of time when I go on the internet today.  But, its basically whenever we want in the afternoon.  So, its going to be on Skype, I already know the family, they have a laptop and everything.  I may have forgotten my Skype account.  I don’t think I have, but if you want to just send me an email, with a Skype account that I can use and the password again, then, if I don’t remember, I can get on my email real quick, and I can do it.  But, don’t judge me, I haven’t been on a computer in two years.  So, I am sorry that I can’t remember the account number.   So that’s going to be good, the Mother’s Day Call.   I don’t want to say that it’s the last call I am ever going to do on the mission, but, its kindof a fact, so I might as well just say it.  So, it’s the last one,  and the next time we talk like that, you guys will be here in Brazil.  Pretty Sweet!

I hope everything is going well with you guys.  I woke up this morning, and my throat is really hurting.  Not sick or anything, but really dry.  It can get really dry here.  That’s okay, though. 

So, because of travel and everything, I probably won’t be able to email until around 2:00, so don’t get worried. 

It will be cool to go back to the city I already served six months in.  that will be pretty neat.  Although, I didn’t really make that much of  a difference anyway. 

Yeah, so my best friend here on the mission, his name is Elder Hutchings.  He was my companion during the last Christmas call in Apucarana.  We are kind of the same person, but not really, so we are best friends.  He lives in Oregon.  In a place called Bend, Oregon.  He’s totally awesome, we are going to be friends forever, blah blah blah.  His dad has started a Hot Dog stand.  Not a cheap one, but, if you ever went to Dormont Dogs in Dormont, it like that, a gormet hot dog place.  Its really weird, but awesome.  His dad started it in a city called, Sisters, Oregon.  Its like a resort, and everyone has a cabin or a house.  Its not all old people, but older people.  So, he started a hot dog stand there, and he wants Elder Hutchings to work there.  Next summer, not this summer, but next summer, the summer a year from now, he wants him to work there, and he also said he would need one more person.   So, Elder Hutchings is like, ‘hey! Next summer after college, you should come and live with me in Oregon,  right by the mountains, and it would be just you and me, and we will sell hot dogs, watch the world cup, and make money for college. ‘  So, basically that’s the best idea ever.  We went through all the details and stuff, and apparently its pretty awesome,  where he lives, its ten minutes away from the mountains in Oregon.  The city where we work is ten minutes away, and its in the mountains.  So, we would stay there, and work there everyday for two or three months in the summer.   We would be able to make some money.  It would be an awesome summer job.  That’s pretty cool, and pretty neat set-up. 

I love you guys, sorry this wasn’t that good of a sound clip, but, I will write you more in the email, and I will talk to you next week!  Next week is Christmas call, talk to you more next week!  Woot!

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