Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Voice recording from Jan 21, 2013

Good morning family!  Mom and Dad, everybody.  It’s a nice morning here in Apucarana.  This week has been a lot hotter than last week.  But, its all good cause it’s the last summer in Brazil.  So, I was kind of expecting it.  This week was a really, really crazy week.  The assistants always take turns going to the different zones to see how its going and all that kind of stuff.  And, so this week was our zone’s week, so the assistants came, and I am pretty good friends with them, so it was awesome.  I was in a division the entire week.  I think I worked with my companion just on Wednesday.  And, every other day,  I was with either one of the assistants or another missionary in the zone.  So, I was traveling around and stuff, which is what I like to do, it was really cool.  We had a lot of good experiences, and it was fun, pretty fun.  I, um, I don’t know if I told you guys this but right now we are doing a read the book of mormon as a mission.  Everyone got the same calendar, and every day on the calendar is a different chapter or group of chapters.  And it went from the beginning of the year to May.  I asked President if I should read it in English, because its been a while since I have been able to read the book of mormon in English; so I can see the difference in my understanding of the gospel, stuff like that.   And, he was like, “yeah, that’s a really good idea!”  So, I have been reading it in English, which has been a really really good experience.  One thing that I really liked that I want to share with you guys was in 1 Nephi 22, 21 or 22, it was talking about how like.  There is a scripture here that I never really got before.  Its talking about the Mellinium, right, so before, I thought that Satan would have no power, whatever, in that Chapter I figured out why.  Its something that I am trying to apply to our zone, and to me in general.  In the scripture it says Satan won’t have any power just because of the righteousness of all the people.  Its not some magical, ‘okay, you won’t have any power, you are locked-up’, but its like the righteousness of the people who are going to be governed by Jesus Christ is going to be why Satan has no power.  I thought that was something really interesting .  And, I thought of how there is always things going on in missionary work where your like about to baptize someone, or someone is progressing really well,  and something will come out of nowhere, like a family member,  or some kind of bizarre thing that will almost destroy it.  You know, that’s like the enemy, trying to bring down missionary work.  And, I thought about it, and the more righteousness that we have, in anything, like the mission, or in zone, or in our companionship, the less power Satan will have.  So, random things that go on, they will happen less, because Satan has less power.  I remember at the temple dedication of Manaus whenever we watched it, in Falls de Iguasu, I think it was Elder Uchtdorf.  He said that each time a temple is built, Satan’s power diminishes here on earth.  Its because of the righteousness.  So, that was something really cool that I learned this week that I liked a lot, that I’m really trying to apply.  So, the more righteousness that we have, the less those things are going to impede our missionary work.  I am really liking the Book of Mormon in English this time around. 
            So, my Visa, you know how like the visa was for like two years, right? It’s a one year, then you have to renew it for another year?  You have to have a second one year visa.  So, my visa expired in July, and I still haven’t renewed my visa.  They haven’t called me to go get my visa renewed.  Which Is really weird.  Usually they call you two or three months after your year.  Usually it delays a little bit anyways.  But, I have a year and a half on the mission now, which is strange by the way.  And, I still haven’t gotten my visa renewed.  When it was one year, I got a slip, and you can bring the slip around and it will prove to the police and stuff, and whoever asks that your visa, even though its expired, that its in the process of being renewed.  But, that slip expired, like four months ago.  Like, I am totally an illegal immigrant. Just thought I’d let you know, that’s kind of cool .   But, I got a letter from Brazilia, which is like, the capitol of Brazil, that’s all the way up north,  Zachary Paul Hoskin got a letter from them, that President Tavarez said he had never seen before.  The letter told me I had to present some document to some person, and I had no clue what it meant.  They didn’t know what it meant either.  So, he sent it to the missionary department in Sao Paulo  and they’re gonna try to figure out what it means.  That’s kind of strange.  But, everythings gonna be okay.   But, because of this visa information, I am pretty sure this week, we are going to get our visa’s renewed.  I have called President two times about it, and I think the secretaries are putting everything together for us to go get our Visa’s renewed this week, that will be good.  That means I will be all in the clear.  I’ll have what would be a green card, right?  I won’t be an illegal immigrant any more.
            But, yeah, things are going really well here.  This transfer is going to be seven weeks, instead of six.  That means I will have two more weeks in this transfer, and we will see what happens.   Hopefully we will stay here because my companion has more time.  And, he might stay with me one more, because we are working out really well together.  So, we will see what happens, its not anything to worry about. 
            Um, I am starting to get really pumped for Joseph and Alayna to have their first kid, cause its almost getting into February.   And, the baby is supposed to come in early March.  Which means for me that the baby could come anytime right?  Like, babies get born early all the time, right?  I’m really pumped to hear about that.   Um, I wanted to ask about how Grandma and Grandpa Barrowes are doing.  I always hear from Grandma and Grandpa Hoskin, but I was just wondering how they are doing, just haven’t heard about them for a while, and I was thinking about them the other day.  Then,  things are going pretty well here, I’m pretty happy.  I am trying to use sunscreen as much as possible  to get as white as I can, but it doesn’t really help.  I am getting really tan still, but that’s fine. 
            I am really excited for the plans to get finalized for Dad to come out here.  That’s something that we kind of have to do.  As soon as Dad finds out if he can or can’t we need to make the decision.  The quicker  we plan it,  the cheaper it is.  Then, I will also be able to tell some members and stuff about how we’re coming.  So, when the assistants came here, the week before, they were in Marills, the place where I passed 6 months.  It was last year that I was there.  And, I heard so many good stories about the people that I worked with there.  And, I was so happy. I really want to go back there, like I am dying to go back  to Palmethial  which is the ward I served in, and see everybody. 
            So I need to end this because it is too long, so I just want to tell you I love you, I will respond to your em

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