Monday, January 14, 2013

Voice recorded message:
Good Morning Mom and Dad, Joseph, Alayna, Abby , Jenny.  I hope everyone is doing very well on this 14th of January, 2013! Woa!

This week has been a really good week in regards to feeling really good as a missionary just because of what it says in Preach My Gospel in Chapter 11 about the different things you can have to be a successful missionary.  One of the things is being guided by the spirit and also, like serving others and stuff.   We have had a lot of experiences this week… its probably the week with the most experiences where I felt like the spirit has been in our work and we have been able to see it pretty clearly.  So, that’s been really nice. 

I have a pretty cool story that I could share with you guys.  So, we went to the leaders council on Monday, and then we got back on Wednesday morning.  So, we got off the bus in our city, Apucarana, me, my companion, and my one district leader, we were all feeling weird.  Like, this weird feeling.  We didn’t really know what it was, but we knew something was up.  So, we went through the day, and we kindof felt like something had happened in the zone.   That’s why we were getting that feeling, it was like a prompting by the spirit or something.  And, so what we did, my and my companion we sat down, and we had the missionary manuals in our hands, we just prayed.  We were like, Heavenly Father, please show us what happened in the zone so we can like take care of it and everything.  And so, as soon as we were done with the prayer, we both felt like it was something with entertainment.  So, we opened up our manual to go through it, and we both opened up to the entertainment page.  And, we were both like, Woa!  I think that something happened with the missionaries, and like watching DVD’s or something for entertainment.  And, so, we were like, okay, now what are we going to do?  So we called the District leader that was also having those kind of feelings, and we were like, Hey!  We feel like its entertainment, so anything that you see, or hear about with entertainment, you’ve got to tell us.  You’ve got to look out for it too.  And, so then the next day, he calls us.  And he’s just like, Hey!  He had gone to Londrina with us,  and his companion had stayed in a division with another house.  And, he was like, my companion told me that he might have seen some DVD’s of the world.  Cause he asked his companion about it.  Inside the study desk of one of the missionaries.   And, so we were like, Oh Crap!  So as soon as we heard that, we were in our area, and we walked all the way over to the other area, and we called the missionaries, and we’re like, ‘can you meet us at your apartment in like 20 minutes?’  They were like, Why?  We were like, no, we just want to talk to you guys.  So we went over there.  We sat down with them, we said a prayer.   I was like, ‘okay, ever since we’ve gotten home, we have had this feeling like something has happened in the zone.  Me and my companion prayed about it to know what happened.  We feel like we received inspiration, revelation that there is something going on with entertainment in this house.  Which is true, that’s how we felt.  So, do you have anything you want to tell us?’  so, it ended up that one of the missionaries had a couple of zombie movies, and one warewolf movie in his study desk.  So, he told us everything, and he’s like, “I will send them home!”  And, he sent them home.  So, it was actually a really cool experience because out of nothing it was like, there’s a problem with DVD’s in another house.  It was just a really cool experience about how to follow the spirit. 

Some other notes, so I was praying a lot this week about the BYU thing.  Because every time I think about it I have like five different ideas about what could happen.  And so, Mom, basically what I ‘m feeling after I have been praying about it all week, is that I can just stay in BYU Idaho, I can get my associates in something, like architecture.  And, then, if I want to, I can go to BYU utah and get my Bachelors.  Or, go somewhere else and get my bachelors.  So, if you could like change it to an associates in like, Architecture or something, that would be awesome.  Also, this is another quick side thought, so I am going to get home the 27th of august which cuts it pretty close to the fall semester.  So, I was wondering if you could find out when the fall semester starts.  Also, I just want you to think of what the pros and cons would be if I were to wait one more semester to start school again.  And, get back on my feet and stuff, and kind of get settled.  I want to know what you think about that.  Just tell me honestly, because I am not really considering it, it would just be another possibility. 

I want to ask you guys if I can use my bank card to go on LDS. Org and order another set of scriptures.  I know we talked about it briefly on the Christmas call,  and I just feel like it would be really good to get another set of scriptures.  And, I would give my old ones to a Brazilian who wants to learn English because most of the Brazilians are trying to learn English. And they get really really happy when Americans give them a quad in English.  They don’t have the Quad in Portuguese, they have a triple, but they don’t even have the Church King James Bible bible here in English.  So, think about that too. 

What else, the Leaders Council was good this month.  We talked a lot about being excited about the mission, and about obedience.  I have been really big on obedience lately.  I have been really liking the obedience topic.  It going to be something that’s going to be good to learn on the mission, and its going to help me out for like the time afterwards as well.

 Also I was in a lunch and a member had a DVD of the strength of the youth 2013, and it had a bunch of little clips about the plan of salvation, the temple, stuff that’s in the For the Strength of the Youth, and I really recommend you guys watch it as a family, with like, Abby and Jenny.  Because, they are like crazy good videos.  And, you can probably find it on .  For the Strength of the Youth, Stand in Holy Places, something like that.  The one on the Plan of Salvation is my favorite but, there are some really good videos I think you guys would really like.  So, this on will be a little shorter than the other one, the other one I had to cut in half cause it was so long.  But, I am doing really well here, doing really great.  Me an my companion are getting along really great. 

We had a really spiritual experience at church this last Sunday.   It was like a really spiritual sacrament meeting because of the talks and everything.  It was really nice.  I love you guys!  I will send a little more in an email.  Let me know about everything we talked about with school, scriptures, and waiting one more semester.  I am excited to go to the Lian house and talk to you guys today.  We will talk to you next week.  Bye!

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