Monday, December 17, 2012

so i dont have too much time with transfers and all today, but i am going to let you know a bunch of stuff in order to get everything in order.

i am getting transfered! finally. i am going to apucarana, a city an hour out of londrina. it is the oldest district in brazil, because all the other ones have become stakes, but this one never managed to. so thats going to change! i will have time info and all about the christmas call next week, but i need you guys to tell me the availibility of time. i imagine that it will be in the afternoon, but that is just a general guess.

so onto ther missionary work type of things, we have a white christmas "natal branco" at our church, where we basically had a ton of baptisms together, and made a big event out of it. it was great, the chruch is true, those are other photos of my zone as well..

this week me and elder thomas just worked in the area of an elder called elder griner, the really blonde white one. his companion had health problems for the last 4 weeks, and this was his last transfer, and he was way depressed that they couldnt work slash baptize someone. so last week, his companion got sent to stay in the mission office with the secretaries till he gets better, and me and elder thomas went to his area the whole week, and found someone to baptized. i can explain more at the christmas call, but it was basically one of the best experiences in my mission, going to help him end his well.

i love you guys

Elder Hoskin

ps, i havent gotten grandmas or your package yet, but it should get here real soon.

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  1. I haven't seen your name on the Londrina facebook page or email group ( If you haven't heard of these groups, please join! 've made so many new friends, and love seeing my son in their pictures! My son's new companion is the argentinian elder your son wrote about in August!