Monday, July 9, 2012

hello family! well first off i wont be able to send pictures today, my
camera is not with me :( but thats fine because i didnt have any that
were like the falls for this week.

mom, i feel bad for andy murray as well. but, its just not their luck
i guess. i very much liked jennys idea on why cold is better than hot,
i am going to use that for all of the people that are saying that heat
is better than cold here! it was like going back to normal, to put it
normally,with just two of us. but its going to change again! and i
will say why down there. yay for passport papers! the more solid the
plans get, the more excited i get as well. thats great that you guys
got to be able to do sealings! i really would appreciate going to the
temple, but theres always our entire lives afterwards. we should go to
DC as soon as we get back in the states! i liked your story about that
45 year old man. also, props on the teaching abby and jenny spiritual
lessons with that question. i just read that talk from this last
conference again this week, about teaching your kids to comprehend the
gospel, you are awesome! also, i will try not to get sick :)

dad, haha im glad you liked the photos. did the video that i sent
work? fourth of july! america. the first one ive ever had out of the
states. but i think when i get back it will be on a friday..? i am
genuinely sorry about the heat, especially now that i am enjoying the
60s here. but just have the comfort that it will very quickly switch
again, and also when you guys come out it will be just about the
´coldest´ brazil ever gets! so you will not have to suffer here as
well. it is true! the corintians won the libertadores cup, and
everyone here went nuts. the game started at 930, so in my house
trying to go bed you just hear tons of firewords and people going nuts
in the streets haha. but, you know me, and i fell asleep quickly and
never woke up, because i sleep very hard. im sorry to hear about
Parise. this is not good news. at least he is happy? but that is just
me rationalizing the pain. they just need to sign a #2 man now to go
on the second line behind kovylchek (spelling? eesh), and with him
during the PP, and ´all is well´. the sons of mosiah were excellent
missionaries, and its good that you are giving those types of lessons
to help get the young men motivated to serve missions!

also, thank you Alayna for the baby info! i dont know anything, but i
think your baby is going to be born on valentines day. also, i know
its WAYY early, but any sort of name descisions i want to hear!
because hes going to be my first nephew and all, and just because of
that. ok great!

onto everything else!

well first off, yes, i am being trasfered. i only spent 6 weeks here
in Foz do iguaçu, during which i managed to go to the falls and meet a
ton of people. so i am leaving! but to where?

i am going to be a Zone Leader in a City in Maringá now, pronounced
ma-ding-gah! it is a huge city 2 hours outside of londrina, so its
close to where i started the mission, and my companion is going to be
Elder Sena, and i am going to be in an onibus again tomorrow 8 in the
morning until 8 at night! woooh. haha. but it will be  great! i will
have more oppertuinities to learn more. last night, the zone leaders
here were telling me that maybe i could be a zone leader this
transfer, and last night i dont think i ever had more of a feeling of
inadequacy, thinking of the possibility of being one. the lord really
does prepare us, because hes prepared me to know that i cannot do it
without him. but! it is going to be great, and i already know my
companion, and he is really amazing. so yes! i will travel another 2
days to go back up there

i heard earlier in the mission that this city maringá hast the highest
percentage of trees within the city than any other city in brazil. are
you kidding me? that is going to be sweet! because of just hearing
this i have always wanted to go there, so yepp! ok after this news,
onto what happened this week

first off, i thought you would all appreciate that i am starting to
make fresh real fruit juice here, and its turing both relatively
healthy and delicious. healthy because i use minimal sugar, and
healthy because its a fruit. but anyways, this week i made some of the
most delicious pineapple juice that i have ever tasted. it was
delicous! i put both the pineapple and the water i was going to use in
the freezer for a little to get super cold, and it was awesome.

next! i was going to ask, but i will wait to give you guys the address
until next week, but i am in slight need of another little package. i
am completely out of socks that dont have holes. the majourity i have
already sown the holes to last longer than they would have without,
but the socks here are the material of stockings, and they go through
them almost like rubber gloves! so if you would be able to send me
some more socks, i would be extremely grateful. also, if you could
send me some after hours old spice deorderant, and a thing of gold
bond. you dont need to send anything else if you dont want to, because
i am just in lots of need for these things! but i will send you an
address next week, so dont worry about it for now.

i was going to tell you before i got transfered how much i am getting
to know the ward here! everyone is really receptive here, and they
were really willing to help us. but that will continue with my
companion and his new companion, and also when we come back.

i gave a talk in church on sunday! they asked me to give a talk about
missionary work, so i got a little fancy on it, since everyone
normally says the same things (which is important, but still). so i
started off giving my talk about the 7 baths with Naman in 2 kings 5,
and i used that talk with the ´promise of a prophet´ to describe to
them how sometimes the prophets ask things very simple of us, and we
neglect to do it because we treat them lightly, like how naman wanted
some miraculous even to be healed, but he only had to bathe in the
river 7 times. and i talked about how we work together as a ward, and
missionaries, and some of the promises that prophets in our day have
given us if we follow these simple duties, and it turned out really
well! i think it could be used for any sort of topic in which you want
people to follow the council of prophets. woo!

also, we had a service project this week where we bottled tons and
tons of beans and rice, like a food storage for 2 years. all of brazil
is doing the same thing, and the 28th there is going to be a big event
where everyone donates at the same time. it was sweet! there were
about 100 bottles this week that were full of rice and beans, and my
job was to seal the closed caps with tape to keep out the air, and
there was only one roll of masking tape, so i basically went nuts on
it and taped them all! haha

well thats all i got for this week! next week will be interesting,
seeing as how ill be in a different place, but i love you guys! and im
really so grateful for you being my family, and the love of my life,
and im always praying for you guys! have a great week, and talk to you
next time!

Elder Hoskin

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