Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello family!!!

Dad, im sorry that the heat there is awful. to tell you the truth, i
think we can both be dissapointed, this winter is seeming like a
summer in pittsburgh haha, people in our ward are saying that this is
the hottest winter has been in a while, and that it seems like there
wont even be any real winter this year! but thats ok. yeah spain! haha
my boys. well, even though i missed it it just makes it that much
better for when i come home and they are in the world cup and all,
dynasty? alma 14 is always an interesting chapter, i think that it
takes some serious understanding to accept that whole passage! but
thats swee that you got to teach it

errethang else, first off

AHH congrats Joseph and Alayna! I am soooo excited to come home and
see my little nephew or neice. you guys have to keep me updated on how
the pregnancy is going and all, and whenever you know the name, ect.

so! as you can see in the photos, i went to the falls this past
monday, and it was incredible. its one of the 7 natural wonders of the
world! it was crazy to see, and one day i am coming back here with
michelle, because its totally worth it. basically its a 2 mile trail,
where you are on the side of a really steep hill, thats just jungle
and your concrete path, and you can see across perfectly for all of
the falls. i thought it was going to be a get there and there it is in
front of you sort of deal, but its not. its literally 2 miles of huge
waterfalls! so it was really sweet. also, among the photos, i sent you
lastly a video clip of the very last spot, when you take an elevador
to the top at the end. it is completely worth it to see. also, you
will see alot of the missionaries that are in my district.

i did something inever thought i would have to do this week, which was
pay to use the bathroom. 65 cents. what is this, europe? i felt like i
had done something that i never planned on doing, but whetever.

at the falls, i spoke english with some people! i had heard before
about this happening there, and i spoke with an asian member of the
church who lives in hawaii! and also non member just tourists who were
from sydney, austrailia.

also, we had zone conference! i always am a big fan of those, and it
was great to get training. also, every one they celebrate the birthday
of the people who had them since the last one, so one of them was me.
just more birthday blessings continue to roll.

so i had an experience really swee this week. we were in the house of
an investigator family that will also do the whole marry and baptize
thing in these upcoming weeks, and we wanted to watch the restoration
with them. when we got there, their remote had broken, so we couldnt
watch it in anything other than english. so what ended up happening
was that i sat there and translated the whole 20 minute movie! haha
and it was just a neat experience to see how my portuguese has grown.

i am no longer in a trio. Elder Nogeuira left to go to another zone,
because a missioanry went home early, and since we were in 3 it worked
out alright.

being sick on the mission stinks. i got rreally sick this week, so
sick i had to take a charcol pill. like when you burn wood charcol
pill! they were big pills, that were just completely black, but it
made me feel somewhat better.

also, in other news, i had y first baptismal interview this week! as
district leader i have to interview all the baptismal candidates in my
district, and that was a really neat experience! i was a little
nervous, but the spirit always helps with those kinds of things

it is july! wasnt i already in brazil during july? yes. almost 1 year,
this is ridiculous. but! that is ok, things are gointg very very well

ok so another side note, we had to take a vaccine for an epedimic that
was in our state of brazil this week, so i had to take out a chunk of
money to use it, if your looking at what i took out. it was not cheap,
but they made us take them!

well thats all for this week, i spent alot of time putting on photos!
so until next week, i love you guys!

Elder Hoskin

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