Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello family!

Well i got transfered, so i will tell you down below :). First as usual

Grandpa and Grandpa, i didnt get a letter from you guys this week, but
i hope you got my letter! i am also still eagerly awaiting your
package, so as soon as i get that i will be sure to let you know!

mom, i completely forgot that it is memorial day! happy memorial day.
our country is a blessed country. i was talking with elder glover
about this the other day, how god is protecting the land of Josephs
inheratance (america) and to what degree, and i decided that as long
as the church is strong and growing there, then the country will be
preserved to a point where we will always have our safety. also, i
think slash know that the package that i will send will be more
pricey, primarily because its from brazil to the us, and brazil is a
thief. that is awesome that Moses got to bless the sacrament in sign
language. It really is! haha yes, the girls can pick their kids up
from their mission, like i will also do. also, tell dad that i miss
soda, because everything here is coke, which i cant have, or guaraná,
which is good, but not of the red white and blue. that was great to
hear that all that money was raised for that woman! what are the plans
for her, will they remake the top of that house and all?

dad, i cannot believe they are in the stanley cup finals. they are
going to win, because they are playing the kings. the timing is
impecable. i am very glad to hear that you are watching my band of
brothers. that is a great show, and it gives a great story. im glad
for that birthday present that will be around for a while. my stake
had a priesthood training too! but do they usually give return
missionaries big assignments like that? im just wondering. the
barbeque sounds very good, but i am ok with not being there during the
hot. my days of hot are over! For now (see phg below)

ok so onto everything else!

well first of all

I am getting transfered!!

after 6 months of marília, i will be transfered to be a district
leader in iguacu falls! my companion will be a brazilian elder who
came into the field the same time as me, and he was the one brazilian
who i became the closest with, as he helped me with portuguese and
everything! iguaçu falls is THE coldest place on the mission, which is
exactly where im going! so i am freaking STOKED! also, im going to be
a district leader, and we will see how that goes. but basically it
seems like my mission is going to continue to improve every week in
wonderfulness! i will be riding in a bus for about 13 hours by the way

so thats where im getting transfered to! and it is really really
exciting, i will give you the mailing address next week and all. its
going to be a great oppertunity for me to continue to grow, and to
just enjoy preparing myself for an eternal family through helping
others. so lets go!

now onto things that happened this week! well my birthday was great,
cassia and her family had a big barbeque for me and cake and all. it
was just a real nice experience, weve helped the rest of her family
get reactivated, and it was just good. i missed you guys alot,
michelle and the family, but it was alright, we will have so many more

also, after looking for 10 months, i finally found the first bag of
tortilla chips! i thought you would appreciate this, because i came
south of the border only to find none.

also, i think i told you last week that we were playing basketball and
that kids were watching us play. well this week we took literally 18
references from them in the morning, and it helped us alot find new
people to teach! chapter 9 of preach my gospel woo

We have an investigator who is progressing extremely well. Her name is
bruna, and she is the child of a member, while still 24 years old, and
she is reading the book of mormon alot and praying to know the truth.
she really wants an answer, even so much so that she has begun to
follow the word of wisdom in faith and give up coffee to help her get
a response from God. it is amazing to see people affected by the
gospel, who even before their testimony comes, they are already
dedicated to do what they have to to find Christ more.

also dad! just so you know, this week i officially finished all of
those talks that you gave me in the binder. i was very grateful for
all of them, and whenever you want to send another one to me, just go
for it. it helped me alot increase my knowledge about the specific
topics that you sent to me

this week me and my companion (upon discovering chips) made salsa
(because we hadnt found salsa). it ended up pretty good, but i was
wondering. could you (michelle and or mom) send me a recipe to make
homemade salsa? i would be very grateful!

also, for you to know i had the joy of finishing the book of mormon in
portuguese for the 2nd time today! every time its a big increase of
faith, and i love reading all the way through it. also, i will be
starting again tomorrow, so haha yeah. but i feel a significant
increase in my testimony each time i finish it, not just reading some
chapters (although i do through that to). it just is true, isnt it?

well i all out of time today, sorry for my spastic email but im just
excited, and now have alot to do to get transfered, so i will talk to
you next week! i hope you like the photos! i sent a ton. i love you

Elder Hoskin

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