Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello family!

Grandparents, i got your email address now from my dad, so you can be
expecting a letter from me through your email this week about thursday
or friday! i hope you had a great mothers day grandma, and im excited
for you guys to get my letter!

Mom, first off, most defintely michelle is a keeper :) ok well it was
nice to hear that you got to relax on mothers day, like i said in the
call, i have told many women in my ward about how you make a list
(whenever they asked me if i was excited to talk to you) so now i
think they are going to consider doing it in the future haha. thats
sweet that you guys got to see the avengers! im sure it was good, and
although you did just tell me the whole plot, i will still see it at
some point in the future. a funny thing that happened to me right now
in response to that is that when i read it, i thought that i dont even
want to see it until after my mission. before, in earlier months of
the mission, i would have thought ´oh i want to see that!´ or some
sort of thing, but my first response to myself was that i will go
ahead and see it once im back. small detail,. but i think its a big
difference on the mission. i could have talked for 2 more hours as
well, it honestly felt so much more quick than the first time! i
remember the first time i thought half an hour had passed, looked at
my watch, and it was 15 minutes. but that is just fine :) and i would
much rather have michelle go to brazil, because apparently its really
hard for brazilians to understand portugues people. even in
portuguese, but we will see!

dad, i am glad that i am managing to serve how you would like your son
to serve. and also, i have had a kept in fear about not only them
winning the cup, but me never seeing brodeur play again. but, only
hope for the best. so yes, i am excited for you guys to come out! and
yes, if we plan it right we would most likely be able to see one game,
that would be sweet to see a team we like, like england, or spain, or
anything. so as the schedules get closer, give it a look and we´ll
plan it out right. thats so nice to hear about all you did for mom!
also, im grateful for grandma, and i am very glad for all the support
her and grandpa have been giving me on my time out here. why does abby
have a homeschooling conference in virginia? what does that mean? and
that is sweet that you and jenny get to go to the monuments. i cant
call anything, but i was thinking that after we get home and all from
brazil, we go DC (for the temple, and then the sights) and then the
cabin, but its all up to you guys. it was great talking to you on the
phone! and i will indeed avoid drug dealers.

ok onto everything else!

well first of all it was great to talk to you guys yesterday on the
phone. it is incredible how fast the time went by between christmas
call and the mothers day call, i could predict the same for this next.
its crazy to think that the next time we talk (skype?) i will have a
year and five months! but we will all just keep going as we are, and
enjoy it along the way.

the first issue is going to be about the smarter siblings club. in
light of recent events, i, Elder Hoskin, am officially disbanding the
smarter siblings club. i feel like those who are indeed smart know
that its good to include everyone, and in light of that jenny, abby,
joseph, erreone, i am starting the ´freaking family´ club, which will
include all of us, alayna and michelle as well, and will probably just
involve us being really competitive as we already are within our
family when it comes to settlers and such. but jenny, it will be for
the better!

next up, i got embarrassed for the whole reason of me spelling badly.
my only way to rationalize it is saying that i type these emails
really really quic, because i wanna get as much in as possible. but i
will try better! hahahahahaha

next up! thank you mom and dad for the package! i will probably spend
my next p day making balloon animals with my companion, the ones you
sent me, and just fill up the whole room, but we will see. thank you
also very much for those pens. i never have had to use pens so much
before every moment of the day, so i very much need them.

next, i have a question. you said 15 families were moving from our
ward. well are they any families that i know well? i am specifically
worried about one of them being the millets for some reason. Brother
millet was huge for me when it comes to young mens leaders, and i
would be very sad if he left. just let me know who!

i have a question for dad, where and how many months was the longest
area of your mission? i was thinking about how you were telling me
about being here forever, and was just curious. on that note, i am
excited to swap mission conversation type things when i get home
compare and all. and with joseph too, and then even michelle! wooo

so its funny because mom asked me about what we call here snakes, the
people that hit on missionaries. and i thought that you would
appreciate the irony, as last night while we were proselyting, after
the call, we passed by a house of what looked to be a group of drunk
women, and while i will leave the vulgarity out, they invited us to
come in. funny? no. frustrating? yes

so what happened this week in missionary work?? well we have a
complete family that is reading the book of mormon. one thing on the
mission that could just be specifically to here is that most baptisms
a missionary will have will be through incomplete families, or member
references. so usually thats where the most success is. while this is
true, there is still tons of time spent on finding completely new
people. and this family is one of them! i asked her while leaving her
house on friday, ´what are you doing special for mothers day?´and she
was like ´im going to church!´ haha but it was a sweet experience! she
started to really feel the book was true after ether 12, which is a
wonderful chapter of course, so they are a great story of a family
that is just progressing well.

also, we are working with a less active and cassia, the member who you
will meet here in marília, to prepare for the temple. hes now
´active´in church again, and so we are going to teach a big lesson on
eternal marriage, and at the end challenge them to prepare for a
temple marriage. so maybe when i come back with you guys, they will be
married in the temple and all!!

well thats abou all ive got for today, seeing as the call and all. but
i love you guys, and it was GREAT to talk to all of you. i love you!
and lets keep it going! until next week!!

Elder Hoskin

ps, i hope you like the several photos i sent!

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