Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hello wonderful family of mine!!

Well Let´s get right to it.

First of all, Grandma and Grandpa need to be informed about the whole
mission ties thing, because they seem to be unsure of what to do.
Longdale sounds sweet! im not going to lie, one of the first things
ill want to do whenever i get back is take a nice family trip out to
Idaho to see you guys, i would think that would be great! i remember
going to a rodeo once as well, but i cant even remember much of it, so
that would also be sweet!!

Mom, thats good to hear that you got to sing in the choir for easter!
i made sure to listen especially to christ centered hymns yesterday,
its especially good on easter. i was thinking about our tradition for
hiding the baskets as a tradition, and i really missed that this year!
but that is ok. i think thats going to be a tradition im going to want
to do with michelle when our kids are a little grown up, although
competing eachother for eggs was a good experience as well :). ok so
misssion ties sweet!!! ask michelle if she would like the other
service for letters better, with me sending it there, because i will
do either one! just ask her if she wants to do it, it will be alot
faster, but just ask her and let me know! also, she can send me videos
or pictures through you, like how i can still and will send them
through you as well. so that is still allowed, its just this thing
about letters that is the new rule. grandma and grandpa need to send
it through mission ties, and joseph and alayna could email, but ill be
able to respond to him better through mission ties during the day,
since im all pressed for time here on the computer. i completely
understand about how dad is not beating around the bush with some of
his messages, but that is the way it has to be. we need to tell them
the cold hard facts, that will only lessen in harshness when we follow
the gospel of christ, so even though it does seem initially a little
blunt, it is for the better for the souls that he is home teaching, or
anyone for that matter. as teachers, we have to give them agency as
much as possible, and how can we do that to the fullest when after our
visits they dont know the eternal consequences of their actions? that
girls camp idea sounds really good! i just hope theres garlic bread
there... i love that stuff and am now very much missing it haha.

dad, do we have a new mission president now? i think that missions can
bless entire families in ways we dont see, sometimes ways we do.but no
matter what, we have the lords promise that we will be blessed, so its
not a question of if, but how or when. i really like the scripture you
sent me, i also very much enjoy 2 nephi 9 for the atonement, and alma
40,41,42 for the ressurection that his ressurection provided for us.
the devils seem to be in a good spot if you ask me. i havent watched
this season, but based on past years florida seems like the team thats
going to make it well into the playoffs for the first time in a while,
only to get out in the first round and turn right to next year. also,
bruins and capitals , as well as flyers and penguins, are going to be
both bloodbaths, and both will end in 2 worn out teams. if NJ can end
their series quick, get some rest, but more importantly not give the
winner of either of those series time to rest, they will be in a good
spot! ps, the rangers? what the heck! i totally want a stationary bike
when me and michelle are all settled in in life and such, i think its
a great way to exercise.

ok! so onto the family letter!

APRIL 28th!!! Who will it be? ITs going to be 3. First, Elder Costa of
the 70, second Elder Clayton of the Presidency of the 70, and also
last but not least, Elder Quinten L Cook!! AN APOSTLE! ahh im sooo
excited. and all of our mission will travel down to Londrina to see
them. im so excited to meet an apostle!! i dont even know how to
describe it haha.

ok let me try to tell you what all else happened this week, in
chronilogical order

first of all, monday i went to mcdonalds for the first time in most
obviously a long while hhah. i was never all for mcdonalds, it being
usually gross and all, but i figure once every half a year fast food
isnt too bad! i literally walked in and it felt like america haha, but
it was just a nice little taste of the good ol USA.

just on a side note, i dropped alot on the bank card one time this
week, and just know that i had to buy things for our ward easter
activity. so it seems like a dent, but i am going to get reimburced
fully, and then use that money as a reserve before i use the card, so
its like i didnt actually spend that!

anyways, so remember how i said it got cold in the mornings for a
couple of days? well not only did that go away, but i later learned
that that ´cold´that i felt was like 70 or 72 degrees. and i was in a
jacket and all, i thought it was freezing! hahahah what the heck?

MOM, i got the package!!!!! thank you SOO MUCH for everything. first
of all, all of the easter candy is gone already (clearly, being me and
easte) but thank you very much! the jelly beans were amazing, its like
every one is something else that i miss from home. next package
(doestn matter when) definitely needs to have a big bin of jelly beans
like abby would buy haha. next!! thank you for the jacket, it wil be
well used, and i am already learning a TON With that book of mormon
manual that you gave me! thank you so much, i am able to feast on the
word more well, mom i am learning so freaking much on the mission, it
is ridiculous!

so i ate something called feijoado, which is beans and rice, like
normal, but the beans are black, and for the meat they LITERALLY USE
EVERY PART OF THE PIG. the nose, ears, all of it. and there was hair
still on the ´meat´. the first day, at the easter activity we had, i
made it out alive, but the day after the ward just sent the leftovers
to us for lunch, which is apparently a huge no no with feijoado, and
who got sick? i did. it only lasted a day, but it was absolutely
disgusting. that is one brazilian signature dish i will NOT cook for
you, michelle, when were married hahah ;).

so easter was good! everyone was visiting people. so what did we do?
we literally visited every address on our ward list for our half of
the ward boundaries ( or our area) and it worked out really well! we
just gave an easter message, met alot of less actives that we will
help more in the future, found houses where members had died or moved
withouth the ward knowing, and through that got new investigators! so
now i know exactly what i will do in all my areas on holidays now

also, i opened my next present from michelle!! thank you very much for
this delicious smelling hand sanitizer! i lvoe it, i love you ;D i
very much need it, and it reminds me of you which is the best part.

so i have to go now, but i love all of you! i hope you have another
great week. michelle, with mission ties you can now also write me
whenever or as often as youd like under the limits,. same fo family.
so once you get it set up shoot out a letter to my address so i can
see if it worked! you can send a letter, a conference talk, anything!
also, tell joseph to shoot me one there too.

i love you guys! i hope you have a fantastic week, and i love you all.
were all going to be a family together for eternity. until next week!

Elder Hoskin

ps, i sent photos this week, just of me at mcdonalds was all i took!
ok love you!

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