Monday, April 2, 2012

Hello Family!

Well Lets just get it started

Grandma and Grandpa, its ok that you didnt send one last week, i
completely understand! But it true that conference was great, I also
was sort of taken back by how the number of children born by women
under the age of 30 without married parents is over 50 percent! I was
so taken aback. But thank you for all you commentary!

Mom, Haha i liked the talk that mentioned missionaries too, im pretty
sure i know why but i seem to like them alot more now that i am a
missionary, and i will continue that afterwards probably. Also, i
liked your bit on caffiene, how its for all of us to make the
descision ourselves. Outside of the official substances, it is about
what will be an addiciton to us, or do harm to our bodies, such as
things that we have allergies to, bad reactions, ect. Which is why i
am not eating bananas right now, even though i love them haha. I
havent gotten my package yet! but i am fairly confident it will come
this week, just because i hope it will haha. The cool evenings are
officially here! so youre right about that, but it only gets down to
like 70 at night, which is still a good break. Basically whatever
happens the mission, i will be accustomed to the heat if me and
michelle live somewhere hot, or i will very much enjoy the cold if me
and her live in the cold, so i am good to go. Also, im excited about
the bluberry slash grape plants! i want to come home and see them
huge, haha you only have a little over a year.

Dad, its true conference was awesome!! thats sweet that you are
getting down to work work, im sure your going to rip the lid off, like
we say haha. it sounds to me, like the devils are exactly where they
need to be to make a cup run. they just have to get momentum in the
first round (wether its a sweep or a 7 game stretch, itd be good for
them) and then just momentum forward. college basketball isnt my
favorite thing on earth after north carolina and butler are out, but
thats good to know that nothing has changed with it, with kentucky and
kansas being there and all. if it was depressing, it sounds like the
hunger games hit the nail on the head! i loved that book, even though
its wasnt all daisies, so ill look forward to it when im home. is it
pg13, pg? my companion is indeed doing good, we are learning how the
blessings of exact obedience are much different than partial
obedience, so its all good! its true, the christmas call is coming!!
woo i didnt know if it was in april or may, but the chances are likely
that i will still be here may 13th, even though its the next transfer,
because of training and all. i will need to find a differet house to
call to, but i will figure it all out.

ok so now onto everything else!

Well to start of with something that would need to be taken care of
ASAP, there is a new rule now in the mission. Every rule is made
because someone takes something too far to one extreme, so we have a
new hoop to jump per-se! But, now there is a new rule that i am not
allowed not only to send emails to anyone other than my parents and
siblings, but now i am not technically allowed to recieve emails from
anyone other than my family. before, it was apparent that it was
beyond my control, but now it has to be. so that means that i cant get
more emails from michelle with her letter attachment! at first i,
being me :/, freaked out because i did not know what i would do in the
future to get her letters and all. and then, my companion, a freaking
blessing from heaven put here in the right time, introduced me to
somethign called . this website is the answer to this
new rule! if you are down for it. basically what you do is that you
sign up, pay a monthly fee that he said is not that much (you just
have to look into it on the website, and then what
you can do is that anyone can send me a ´letter´. the process is that
you send it as an email through the website, they get it here in
brazil, and then mail it to me here, so it gets here in one or two
days, as opposed to 2 or 3 weeks! so if you are willing to pay the fee
and all, this will be absolutely perfect, because michelle can send
letters through that email website, and i will get it real soon! and
it wont change anything, except for 2 days later, and we will be
following the rules, which is very important since theyre rules of
people called of god and all. so look into this website! it sounds
like theres alot more there than i know, but just look into it, and if
you figure it out as soon as you can we can start this new way next
week, and follow the rules! ( also, this means that
anyone, joseph and alayna, joe maloney, can send me letters like this
too, because i cant respond to them either. but when you set it up,
here is the address for it to go to!

Elder Hoskin
José Betine 31
Janio Quadros
Marilia - SP - Brazil

Ok! so i hope you guys can get that sorted out and all, but just let
me know next week if you run into any road bumps or anything.

Next thing, so just to let you know i bought a new pillow this week! i
had lost my pillow in londrina, and afte 4.5 months of not having a
pillow, i finally managed to buy one! so that was why there was a dent
in the emergency fund. but woo!

also, i have started going running with my companion every morning, so
that joy in my life has been brought back

so general conference was awesome!! i got to watch it in english,
except the priesthood session. we got there and it was all in
portuguese, but i went back there and figured it out ffor my companion
because he wouldnd ahve been able to understand anything, and also
because i wanted it in english!1

but all of the talks were amazing, i was so glad to be able to watch
them. my favorite was given by my fvorite general authority as well,
the one that henry b eyring gave the first day, not in the priesthood
session. i loved when he said ´give me this mountain. give me those
trails´ agg it just got me so pumped up to keep on the mission, to
keep working towards me and michelles wedding day, it was great!

other talks i particularly liked were jeffery r hollands on the
parable, dieter f ochtorfs on forgiving others on sunday, and i also
really really like donald hallstom, of the presidency of the seventy.
he is a great speaker. and that talk was also wonderful!!

also, i enjoyed the talk by julie b beck about the relief society. i
always like learning about the relief society, after all it is so
important, and just like women learn about the preisthood i want to
learn all about it just to get more aquainted and be there more for my
wife michelle! iso i liked that one as well

ALSO! one of my mission dreams was fulfilled, and that was to baptize
on general conference weekend. it was tamyris! after 3 months of
teaching her, she was batptized last night after the second session.
it was great to see how strong she was in the gospel even before
baptism, as well as her sister livia´s testimony, who we baptized 2
months back. they are both so happy now, and it is great to see how
they got to that point. i felt like i am turning into more and more of
a preach my gospel missionary, because this week for tamyris we
planned by the spirit, taught by the spirit, and through the spiritu
she was converted, it was truly an amazing oppertunity to see!

WEll i hope the letter thing works out great, whenever you get it set
up you can literally send me a letter any time of the week, so you can
do whatever! and if you want to copy conference talks form priesthood
session and just send them to haha, anything goes i think! i love you
all, i hope you had a great conference, and i will talk to you guys
next week! i love you, have a great easter!

-Elder Hoskin

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