Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello family!! i hope everyone is doing well

grandma and grandpa, thats sweet that you are down there in navada! my
new companion whom im training, he is from las vegas.down here in
brazil the coldest itll ever get is usually in the 40s, but there are
several areas on my mission that get down to like 35 sometimes. so not
terribly cold! but after this double summer that ive had, i will
accept anything when it comes to cold. thats sweet that theyre having
some games in pittsburgh this year for march madness, thats wonderful
news about josh and britney too!! a little girl! im so excited for
them and you guys, im sure its going to be just bliss!

mom, the weather in pittsburgh sounds perfect right now, no bugs, 50s
or 60s, i want that weather where i live in the future. i sorry i
havent sent you a picture in a while! i will do everything i can to
send you them weekley now, also i have some for us this week, just not
one of me and my new companion quite yet. but i will send some today,
and get on it! hha thank you for sending the package! i am way excited
to get it. michelle seemed in one of her videos like its going to be
ridiculously awesome, but she didnt spoil anything, she only got me
more and more anxious! isaiah is, alot to say the least. did you know
in byu they have a religion class just for isaias?

dad, its nice to hear that you got back to home after training and
all. now its just time for the real work, but im sure itll be fine. i
wish i could play tennis! that sounds like it was alot of fun, mom is
taking lessons? whenever im home and me and michelle are married, we
can have doubles teams with each of the couples! i think itd be alot
of fun. it sounds like your talk went really really well! im glad to
hear it, you always do give very good talks. im sorry to hear that
your last in the brackets, but you know as well as i do that the real
winners get the points at the end.

MIchelle!! thank you for the photos, im not lying when i say that i
completely forgot about st patricks day :( but im glad you had fun!

so onto the family letter!

well to start off, this week was one of the best weeks on the mission,
the first photo that i sent was of a complete family that we baptized
this week! ll 5 of them, it was absolutely great to se them make the
changes in their lives to be able to come unto the gospel. the
baptismal service was awesome as well, we had almost 50 people there!

training has been reall sweet, alot of stress on the firstday, but i
am getting the hang of it. my companions name is elder glover, from
las vegas, nevada. he speaks basiclly nothing, but he is learning alot
and we are both learning together!!

i like being the senior now because im not with a lazy companion, and
if i am in the future then i cn decided how we will do things. its
just nice to have a little of control like that, hahaha

weve had some good experiences this week. we were walking down a
street one night, and i got the impression that we needed to go back.
so we turned round, i knocked on only one house that made an
impression, and we found a woman who really was having alot of
difficulties in her life, and said she was looking for peace, and so
we are teaching her now, and it was totally guided by the spirit!! it
was a great experience

just to answer michelles qestion, yes there is daylight savings time
here. it already happened, and i was very thankful for the hour of
sleep that i got extra.

training has been an interesting experience. ill tell the truth now, i
wasnt trained in the program that were supposed to because my first
companion was a slaker. so i have been doing the training with him,
and have been getting to revise things that i sort of learned the hard
way hahah, but it has been great! we study until noon now, which cuts
our work time, but i completely accept it.

i hope that everyone is doing well this week, i had to fill out a
survey for missionaries so my time is cut short, but i hope that you
enjoy the pictures and such, im sorry this letter is so short but i
didnt have enough time for things, i promise i will write alot more
next week, it was just way rushed today! oh also, i ordered some new
garments online today, because its getting cold and my other ones are
almost yellow, just for the heads up.

i love all of you, and i hope that you guys have a wonderful week. im
praying for you guys, and i know that were all going to be a family
forever!! until next week. tchau!!

-Elder Zachary Paul Hokin

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