Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hello Family!
Well this week was a good one, it is so freaking hot here. I now shower twice a day, morning and night, because i come home and all of my clothes are soaked in sweat. But that doesnt mean its not good, all is well! ok here we go
Grandma and Grandpa, thank you for the email! Thats great that you were able to go visit the Matt Hoskin family, miss all of you guys up there in idaho. I think its going to be one of the things ill definitely want to do when i get back, is visit everyone up there. Thats a wonderful story about Grandpa and Dottie Adams, I am glad that you guys are sharing that gospel, and that you are seeing the blessings enter the lives of other people!
Mom, thank you very much for the story about Daniel. To tell you the truth his story has always been my favorite in the old Testament. He was a great example, and i like that story because it just shows that anyone can be the example, and we should never use comparisons to other people as an excuse not to act, and leave it for other people. That testimony sounds like a good one! We didnt have testimony meeting this week because of stake conference, but i appreciate the Ketchum story, its nice to hear how more or less things havent changed there.
Dad, who won the super bowl? Just a guess because no one told me, i think the Patriots. but anyways, its not that interesting to me either, but i cannot believe the whole football season has passed! it doesnt feel like it, it feels like were 2 months away from the first fall game for penn state, or something like that. Im sorry things were very busy in Florida. But im sure it made the time go by at least a little bit faster, and thats the best when youre away from home! haha i have experience on that. The devils seem to be doing very well, i also cannot believe it but its getting closer and closer to playoffs already. It sounds like the presidential candidates are getting pretty ugly. I had a brazilian member ´tell me´ about it the other day. but all he told me was that mitt romney was done for because he said he doesnt like poor people. Well if its not you guys or Fox news, i dont believe it, so im glad to hear that he did well in navada and florida. i liked what you said about seeing the differences in big ways on the mission. its true! the spiritual experiences are much more profound, and alot clearer to see. maybe its just because im progressing spiritually, and im closer to the spirit. who knows.

ok so onto the main letter,
well this week didnt have alot going on, except for just continuing in the work. i had a division with the zone leaders this week, and their house was the dirtiest house i have ever seen or smelled on the mission! its funny because im completely far from home, but each house that i get settled in on the mission i feel like is a mini home, and im always just feeling uncomfertabel whenever i stay in other houses. but thats ok
this week was stake conference, so we had to take a bus 40ish minutes to another ward building. it was actually pretty sweet, because our mission president was there, and we were able to take 2 of our recent converts and 2 investigators with us. it was a semi miracle because everyone in our ward was having transportaton issues getting there, but we were able to!
there was a talk given on family history work that i really really liked. the woman who gave a talk said ´ family history work is the work of the lord. it is service, it is sacrifice, and it is salvation´ and its so true. i think the next time that i go to and through the temple i need to think more about how each baptism, each ordinance is literally the salvation of a son or daughter of god. and we all have a great oppertunity to do this work, and literally help people return to god in one of the most direct ways possible. its truly a blessing for us, and im definitely going to do it whenever i get back!
so an elder who finished his misison her in marilia. elder mccombs, his parents came to pick him up. they got here on monday, and they were at stake conference on sunday. it made me think of how, if michelle serves a mision, how that would be so great for you guys to visit here and pick me up! but i was also thinking that it would be even more amazing if we returned here, when i was married to michelle and all and we could just have a great trip! who knows, but i just really want to come back here with my family after the mission
one other thing that i thought was humurous was that i realized during stake conference that al brazilians pronounce robert d hales as ´ roppert d. hayleys´ haha and people just kept on using his quotes, and i thought is was hiliarious, but i am probably just being dumb.
i dont have alot of time to write today, ive already used up most of my hour, but thats ok because not alot has happened. oh one other thing! well the scriptures in any language are hard to read, just because its all proper and such, and the same goes for portuguese scriptures. but this week was the first week i was honestly able to begin just reading my scriptures in portuguese and not having problems understanding, so thats been something very neat!
also, is there any way you can get joe maloney´s address? i was thinking about writign him back to the letter that he sent me, but i ahve no clue who to address it to or anything. do you have any ideas?
im sorry this email is short, but things will be back to normal next week. i love you guys very much, and i hope that you have a great week! im prating for all of you, and lets all just continue on in life together! like michelle said, time is going by waayyyy fast, basically seven months already. roasted. haha! i love you guys, talk to you next week, bye!!
-Elder Zachary Paul Hoskin

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