Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hello Family!!

Well i just want to start off by telling you all thank you for everything like usual, so here it goes.

Grandma and grandpa, thank you for the email! Im sorry to hear that there is not alot of snow up there in idaho, but it sounds like everything is ok. i liked the part where you said where things are good when you two are together, i am excited to be married to someone where that kind of love will always be around for eternity! so thank you!

Dad, im glad to hear that you got to teach and really look into the restoration. The first lesson that we always teach everybody is simply called the restoration, just showing how important it really is. i have in my study journal a list of 8 topics that came from the restoration happening, and now define our church, and you basically named alot of them during those list of topics that you mentioned. that movie sounds like it is a good one, but the truth is if we use our dvd players for anything other than the 2 instructional dvds we have, we lose our dvd priveleges as well as our computer privileges for some time. so i would hold back on the movie! haha

Mom, truth is i didnt end up emailing till the afternoon, so it worked out with the whole email in the morning thing. I like the comparison you made to the children of israel, and Nephi. We cant rely on other peoples testimonies, we really need to rely on our own if we want to endure to the end. I have seen this on the mission, in my area specifically even. There is a family here who was baptised and became really really good friends with the elders here, but after the elders left 6 months ago the family went inactive. The entire process was good for the family, but now that family needs to develop more personal testimoniies of the church to be able to gain the desire to return. I also liked your bit on desire! If our desires are pure, and we have faith they´ll be granted unto us, like it says in enos 1:12.

ok now to the family email! well i hope everyone had a good week.

This week has been difficult for me. My companion went to londrina monday until wednesday night for his knee problems, and so i was stuck in a trio FOR 3 DAYS. ive learned that you gain a testimony of something in the church by living that commandment, and i can say with confidence that trios are not ordained in missionary work. it simply sucked. and alot of missionaries have told me that they always just talk good and happy go lucky to their family at home, to keep them from worrying, but i like to honestly tell you guys how it is, because being fake is just a lack of respect. so yes, it was hard, and to be honest i have been way excited with missionary energy, until this trio happened, and the rest of the week was me trying to get it back. but like usual, your letters, videos, and emails have brought me right back up to being unbelievabely happy, so thank you!

first of all, did you guys know that cashews are only nuts of what is actually a fruit? here its switched, they dont have cashews the nut, but they have cashew juice, which at first i thought was going to be nasty, but is actually delicious. sorry, just a side note.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE!!! the plans above are what im going to do to celebrate your birthday, as well as one other thing. this friday, the birthday of my future spouse, is interviews with president tavares! the first time for me on the mission, so it is going to be interesting. i hear that people get very nervous about it, and that would make sense, but its all calm with me, i think its just going to be a good time.

this week weather wise has been a huge blessing! im in one of the hottest areas in our mission during the summer, but this week all it has done is rain during the night, and stay overcast during the day. so ive gotten to actually wear a sweater two days this week because it was a little bit cold! i always love an excuse to wear a sweater, and it made this week livable, and was great for it being winter here

i have been studying in the teachings of george albert smith book that everyone gets for classes during church. that book is sooo good! when i get home i want to study all the books in the series, i dont know if your teachers are using it or not, but its a great resource

i had a very nice spiritual experience with a lesson in that book this week. the chapter was about loving one another, and before sunday i studied it and all so that the hour would be better. and it was amazing. i think that one thing that i need to develop here is just charity, and helping those around me. i will never lose my john galt capitalism, but that doesnt mean that i cant help people out as well. it was a great class, i felt the spirit so strongly, and its just one of those experiences that i can already tell has had an effect on my daily misisonary work, and will continue to have effect.

i am keeping strong in reading the bible! 4 chapters a day and i will be done in a year. the old testament is downright ridiculous, but i am trying anything possible to take something from it to learn. not so much in genesis, that book is good because of the creation, noah, abraham, things like that, but im also starting in ezra and contining, and there is just ridiculous. but its been good, i love the new testemant, jesus christ was the perfect teacher

SO about packages, i got 2 packages this week!! i got one from uncle matt, thank you very much for the ´ugly´ ties (i think theyre sweet), and joseph, thank you for your package!! haha its already in use, just for you to know. but i didnt get the 2 form mom and dad and i didnt get michelles, but President always brings packages around to interviews, so i will most likely get all three when he comes here on friday. so all is well!

we had a ´bible bash´ this week. i was making a street contact, and this guys started off on us and our religion, and at first we were trying to just be courteous and continue, i was honestly trying not to get mad! but then he told me (and my companion) that we were not children of god, he specifically said that, then called us ´ creatures´. so i just about lost it, and proceeded to ´burn him´ as missonaries say. it went on for about 15 minutes, and through just asking him questions about his belief his own logic came to the conclusion that jesus christ was not a child of god, and then i gave him a scripture to read in the bible and we just left. i tried not to get mad! but it was an.. experience, i think all missionaries have it at least a couple of times in their mission. but anyway!!

This week i also got sick, which could be one of the other reasons why this week wasnt quite the best. but i feel mostly better today! it was that kind of chills where you just always feel sickly cold, and want to curl up in bed. but all is well now.

Felipe and livia were confirmed this week, which was a nice experience! Felipe is on track to get the aaronic priesthood, i bought a tie for him last monday, and gave it to him as a present this sunday. he has started calling me his ´pai branco´ or ´ white dad´ haha. he is really a great kid, and we bought a shirt for him today, so i think hes going to recieve the priesthood before the transfer is over.

Well thats all i got for this week! thank you all for being a wonderful support. this week was just more of a reminder that i absolutely need you guys, your support, thank you very, very much. Michelle, once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i love you :) i hope that its great, and i cant wait to get to celebrate with you again! i love you guys, until next week!

Elder Zachary Paul Hoskin

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