Monday, December 26, 2011

Hello Family!!!
Well it was absolutely amazing talking to you guys yesterday on the phone, i just loved it so much! Hearing all of your voices, being able to talk and get a response right then, as opposedto waiting a week, you know how it is! it was a great experience.
Dad, thank you for the inspriing words yesterday! also, i am glad to hear that the devils are doing well, and that you got to go to the bushmans to eat some tenderloin. We will need to go to some hockey games when i get back, just so i can get caught up on everything haha, it will be sweet! im glad to hear that work is nice and tranquil, just a little question, are you making bank??? hahah!!!
Mom, i do honesly hate the fact that there are ´snakes´ here, it just makes me miss michelle more because there wouldnt be any snakes if me and her were just already married, living together, and only us! But, thats in the future, so i will just patiently wait. When you said yougot a bosch mixer, i thought you were saying that you got another dog, haha. At first i was like WHATT!? Because 2 is enough i think, but thats sweet that you have the mixer for your heaven bread.
ok now onto the family letter!
i really dont have much to say than i said yesterday, but i can clear up that package question michelle. just send the package to the exact same address as before, itsa rule that it has to be sent there, but if you guys who are sending packages send them today or in the next 2 days it will likely get here before the next leadership conference, and so i will get them in 2 weeks as opposed to 1 month and a half!

so christmas was awesome only because i got to talk to you guys! we stayed in that house all day, and it was like 1000 degrees, but all was good because we got to talk. today i have felt sick the entire day, i dont know why, i think its something i ate though because 2 others in our house are feeling sick as well, uggg not fun. But regardless, things are going well!

Well one thing that i didnt mmention in the call yesterday is that we seriously have one of the most beautiful church buildings i have ever seen. it is like in between a chapel and a temple, its huge and just awesome! itook some photos that i will send. also, the other photos that i will try to send are as follows;
one is me eating the half a watermelon i bought while we wereliving in the secretaries house during the whole robber thing
second is me with elder de jesus, who was an awesome companion. while pretty short, he is nonetheless a stud
and third is me with a cow, hahah i was laughing ebcause the cow kept walking along the fence with me, trying to play, and it was just entertaining haha
other missionaries were on the phone for almost 2 hours! and i heard that everyone does this on the mission, literally everyone, so i think we may talk for more time on mothers day ;), especially if i hear that president is ok with it. because everyone does it!
Marilia is a nice city, people are alot more receptive of the missionaries here. i think its going to be a good transfer of work, the city itself is actually sort of ugly, but only because its poorer here, so i dont know that to say haha.
i was at wal mart the other day! it basically had nothing american, and while this may be impossible to comprehend, it was lesser quality of things than the wal marts in america, haha it wasridiculous, but what can we expect
i have a goal this year to read the bible,my portuguese bible has a calendar type deal for ´ read the bible in 2 years´ with a chapter each day, but i just will do both years at the same time. it should be fun, and also a headache during the old testament!
i dont have much more to say today, also i dont have much more time. so i will leave you with this!! i love you guys so much, thank you for that call yesterday, the emails today, michelle my sweetheart thankyou for the letter! and i will talk to you all next week! also im going to try to put the pictures on now. so thank you ! i love you! byeee
-Elder Zachary Paul Hoskin

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