Thursday, September 22, 2011

let me start off by saying that i am sorry for the emails as theyve been getting sent so far. they are not great quality because im in the CTM and are crunched for 30 minutes, so this will be the last short slash unorganized one you get from me. i am sorry..
tell michelle i said thank you!!! so much. i sucessfully got clear pictures of all her letters, and will read and respond to them instantly, tonight. so the whole turnaround will be much quicker. also, they are clearer for the camera when in attachments, so can you send them as attachments??
i just saw luke bushman for like 2 minutes, im sad to hear that he was a little wavery but i think he will be ok, im going to get oppertunities to talk to him before i leave the mtc next tuesday
yeah thats right! im leaving next tuesday, its getting so close and i am getting so excited! its going to be great to actually finally be out there, i am so sick of the MTC it is ridiculous, and im even getting sick of my district and companion, which i thought would never happen. im just ready to go!
im glad to hear that penn state beat temple, at least thats a consistent :)
im going to have a new address, but the thing is the address michelle has is the mission address (which you could use) but with that address i can only get mail every transfer. so i woud hold off on the tangible mail until i find out my actual apartment number where im living a week from today, and then if you want to send something you can send it straight there! but dont forget that packages must always be sent to the mission home, and always do it USPS.
ok back to business :) so here we go for my week! i went proselyting on monday for the first time! actuall missionary work, it was really exciting, i wasnt even too nervous after the first person. they gave each companionship 5 book of mormons to hand out, and we handed out 4. im glad we didnt hand all of them out though, because it was totally a quality sort of thing, the 4 people really seemed interested, and we could have given the others to other people but they would have just thrown them away or something.
But it was an awesome experience! i totally loved it. i hear that in brazil you barely go proselyting though, you do most of your contacts of member referrals, which they seem to get a ton of from ward members in brazil, and youre just supposed to talk to at least 10 people a day while your walking from referral appointment to referral appointment
but anyways, back to proselyting! yes, we handed out 4 book or mormons, but the real fun was just getting rejected. i got rejected by so many people, ahahahaha. and some people would be like ´no time´or ´not interested´but i had this one rejection that was the best of all. so there was this mid 20s woman walking down the street about to cross by us, so as we approached her i put out my hand and was like √≥la como vai? and she didnt even blink, otr flinch, or show any sign that i was even alive, she just completely straight faced me! total rejection, and as soon as it happened i looked over to my companion and i was like ´elder, i just got roasted´haha! because i did. but i dont get down when people reject me, so thats going to be benificial when im constantly getting rejected
i keep hearing that my mission president is really strict, and im actually excited for that! i heard missiion presidents can either be like a father or a boss, and i really hope my guys a boss, because i wanna work work work until i come home

i love you guys, and until next time!

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